NFT Public Sale is on its way!

*Updated Public Sale Period on 04/27 at 8:10 AM (UTC)

Greetings, Adventurers!

We are here to announce the exciting news!

NFT Public Sale will begin soon. Seize the opportunity to get powerful NFT Gears.
Moreover, anyone can purchase up to 10 NFT Gears per wallet on an FCFS basis.

Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid’s NFT
In Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid, adventurers can get NFT gears.
These NFTs can be used to interact with both the real world and the fantasy world.

How to use NFTs in the game?
Adventurers can fuse multiple gears to craft NFTs in the game.

🔥 NFT Public Sale will begin soon!🔥
PURCHASE PERIOD: 04/27/22 9:00 AM ~ 05/03/22 9:00 AM (UTC)*
COST: 25 C2X($CTX) per NFT
TOTAL: 3,000 NFTs

Save the dates to take this golden opportunity!
The sales are based on a first-come-first-served.

Soul Gear Chest contains Weapon, Head, Chest, Back, Feet, Hands gears at random. Gears are divided into each class, and the skills are based on the Soul. Check out the following table for the drop rate.

How to purchase NFT gears during public sales?
1) Visit the NFT Public Sale website. (*Link will be available soon.)

2) Check out the information on Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid’s NFT Public Sale.

3) Once the public sale begins, adventurers can purchase NFTs.
Get ready by connecting your wallet beforehand.
Once the sale starts, the status will change to “Live”, and the [Purchase Now] button will get activated.
Select the amount you want to purchase and click on the[Purchase Now] button to proceed.
All process works on a first-come-first-server basis. Adventurers can purchase up to 10 NFTs per wallet.
* $LUNA or $UST are used as transaction fees.

4) Open up the chest.
Check out which NFT is in the chest!

Any NFTs adventurers hold can be seen from the “C2X Station”.

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