The Migration Guide for Adventurers

Greetings, Adventurers.

Chromatic Soul: AFK Raid is thrilled to share some exciting news with you!

We’re sharing the important announcement regarding the migration to the XPLA chain. Adventurers, please check the details below carefully for your safe migration process.

Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid will be undergoing updates during the following period.

[Update Schedule]
- 12/13 10:00 PM — 12/14 6:00 AM(UTC)
* The schedule may be subject to change.

[Migration Period]
- 12/14 06:00 AM, 2022 ~ 03/14, 2023. (UTC)
* There are three steps adventurers should check before migration.
* Please note that the date for migration may be subject to change.

[Steps on the XPLA Chain Migration]
There are three steps adventurers should check before the migration.

1. Unlocking Soul Gear.
After the update, all equipped Soul Gears will be unlocked automatically. That is, the soul gear that the adventurer’s hero is wearing in the game has to be removed for the migration.

2. Self-Migration for CSAFK
Adventurers who own Soul Gear can directly migrate unequipped soul gear from. Make sure to migrate your GameTokens and assets from the migration page before using your NFT gears.

*Here is to inform you about token and NFT migration.

3. A new way to wear Soul Gear
The NFT gear cannot be worn at C2X Station.
Adventurers who want to equip NFT gear, please use ‘C2X Vault’ to equip your soul gear.

C2X Vault Download : l l

We are excited to be joining the XPLA ecosystem!
Thank you.



Take part in the world of Chromatic Souls as a member of the Adventurer Alliance. Engage in fascinating battles that unfold in this fantasy world! Be the first to start your journey in the first half of 2022!

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