Preparing to Launch Bitter Renter

Milestone Mondays

Current Project : Bitter Renter
An interactive guide for first-time renters in NYC.

Launch day is quickly approaching and I’m scrambling to finish everything on my list so I can enjoy my upcoming vacation. Here’s what it all comes down to:

Keeping Tabs on Tasks

If I don’t have a to-do list, I can’t focus on the things I’m supposed to do. I either make lists in Evernote or Trello depending on the complexity of the project. Initially it was a combination of both but now the source of truth is Trello.

This isn’t one of my best Trello boards since time got away from me but it does the job of giving me an idea of just how much I have left to do, how complex and important the tasks are and gives me a feeling of satisfaction as I move cards over to the done column.

Editing Content

I’ll admit it — content is not my thing, but there are people out there who’s content is their thing and I appreciate them so very much. Since I was very happy with my first experience using Cloudpeeps, I decided to use them again to find a copywriter to edit and write any remaining content for the experience. Lisa Siva has done a phenomenal job in realizing my vision and breathing life into the site. Just like beautiful design and bug-free code, well written content is essential part of a great website and these days I’m trying to give it just as much attention.

Finding Those Pesky Edge Cases

While most of the site’s main flows have been designed and built, there were still many edge cases to uncover. And these are edge cases you can’t ignore. I had to put myself through a variety of user journeys in order to catch the paths that even few users may take and make sure there was never a dead end. This included adding copy to support unusual actions and screens to support unusual choices.

Cross Device/Browser Compatibility

I’ve never built a site that wasn’t responsive because it’s selfish. I want users to have a good experience no matter the device or browser of their choice. While I’ve definitely given up on older versions of Internet Explorer, I still plan to make an effort to at least let you know that you need an upgrade. Designs have been prepped, now it’s just a matter of adding those styles.

An Extra Layer of Finesse

Although I hate that things like animations or subtle interactive bits can be an afterthought sometimes but in a time crunch, you have to prioritize. Since this site is more utility than experiential, these were not as important as making it work without crashing. Nevertheless, I plan to add some goodies and surprises to give the site more energy and movement.

A Long Time Coming

I’ve been dreaming about making this site for a while now simply because after moving for the second time last year, it was still a headache. I’m not sure how far along I’d be right now if I didn’t have the opportunity to demo Bitter Renter at the last NYTM. It fortunately kicked development into overdrive and now I’m mere days away from launch.

The goal for this week is to launch this baby!! Get on the list to find out when it goes live!

Have fun creating,
– Kim

Kim is a chronic creator, designer and coder. Maker at @bybourn, curator of Hashtags Unplugged and creator behind , and