Chronicle Accelerate FAQs

We’ve had lots questions over the past few weeks, so here are answers to the top 10 questions you have asked us:

  1. What is Chronicle Accelerate? An open source blockchain in Java with solutions for high scalability, lower volatility and active risk management.
  2. How are you different? We can clear transfers and exchange of value in a fraction of a second for large volumes of transactions.
  3. What are you providing that others aren’t? Scalability - more than 100 times what Visa can currently achieve; Reduced volatility - stable coins though AI market making.
  4. What transaction speeds could you potentially reach? Each sub-chain can sustain 400K/s, with up to 4K sub-chains partitions by ISO 3166 region. That’s 1.6 billion per second - more than anyone has a use for!
  5. Which currencies will it support? We can support any cash asset — fiat or digital currency, metals and any share index and anything which can be hedged.
  6. How will the AI decide the price? The markets run on a weekly cycle, as FX markets do. At the start of the week, the AI sets a price based on the trading activity at the end of the previous week i.e the average price of the last one million XCL. The open source AI running on all the nodes in the decentralised exchange can also market make during the week - however, it won’t do so initially.
  7. When is the ICO? This will take place in September 2018.
  8. How much will the token cost? $1.50 with a 20% bonus at ICO.
  9. Can it be mined? Yes, there will be a reward for running nodes in a cluster.
  10. Where can I get up to date information? You can register on our website to receive regular updates, join our Telegram and follow us on Twitter.

Hopefully we have covered most of your questions. Don’t forget to join our Telegram group (just click the link below) where the team will be more than happy to answer any others you can think of!

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