How To Bring Your Book Up At Parties

Parties are a great way to sit back, relax, and self-promote. Use these simple tips to segue out of boring conversations and into conversations about your book.

If You Are Stuck in a Conversation About…

1. Dogs

Segue out with… “Dogs are cool. Yeah, I almost included one in my book, which is out now.”

2. Living Situations

Segue out with… “I used to live in a place like yours, but now that my book is out, I own two homes. Thanks to my book, which is available for purchase.”

3. Weather

Segue out with… “Oh, is it raining? Let me offer you my umbrella. Oh wait, that’s a book I wrote. Keep it. But don’t get it wet.”

4. Travel

Segue out with… “The next place you should visit is your local bookstore to pick up a copy of my book, which is available now wherever books are sold.”

5. Old Times

Segue out with… “Ah, good times. That was back before I wrote my book. Here are other ways everything has changed since I wrote my book . . .”

6. Dreams

Segue out with… “Dreams are boring. You know what’s not boring? The book I wrote.”

7. Childhood

Segue out with… “Speaking of childhood, I never would have guessed as a child that one day I would become a wildly successful, published author.”

8. School

Segue out with… “You won’t learn real life lessons in any classroom, but you will learn them in my book, available for purchase just a short drive from here.”

9. Sports

Segue out with… “You could easily get injured in a game of sports, but you won’t get injured reading my book. Though I guess you could whack yourself in the head with it.”

10. Other Books

Segue out with… “That book is fine, but my book is much better. Let’s all leave this party and head to the bookstore. Come on, I’ll drive. Party’s over! Shut it down!”

#WRITINGFACTS: If you’re not one for words — and many writers aren’t — carry a copy of the book in your front pocket. Lean over and let it fall out. When someone helps you pick it up, say “Oh that old thing? It’s just a book I wrote. I only talk about it when I have nothing to prove.”

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