Building a writing habit

Using calendar blocking to structure your writing and everyday life

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My dream is to write a book, and I’m sure I will work in the long run. I have some good ideas stored, and I have written down my life story (Coming memoirs maybe?). But right now, I’m just building a habit of writing for 2 hours every day. If I’m not writing, I research the coming articles during that time.

For me, the daily routine of sitting with my computer has given me a new purpose and new self-worth that’s been really important. And it all started with the outbreak of Corona and my little online journal.

I use Calendarblocking to make my writingtime sacred because I really find it easy to be distracted/disturbed by myself or others. I have a planning session every Sunday afternoon/evening for the coming week. My time is divided into these types:

Writingsessions — Time for writing and/or research
Training — Running mostly, but I have started to some yoga too
Chores — Cooking, Cleaning, and Laundry

Of course, I could divide my time even more, but this is good enough for me.


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Finding your time

So find the time when your creativity is peaking. I’m not an advocate of forcing creativity, but I know some people need to force themselves to be creative. Some succeed, others don't. So please never force yourself; creativity will find it’s own time and space.

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