A love letter to my girlfriends

This one is for my ladies.
Thank you and I love you.

Why, you ask?

Because despite my independent nature, I need a posse. I crave a crew. I want those slumber party nights and giggle fests and pics in our bikinis (okay, fine…one pieces) by the pool.

But I don’t want it to be fake. I want that real authentic girlfriend love that sometimes I am too quick to ignore because it doesn’t look like what I expected, AKA what you see in Blockbuster movies.

The funny thing is, it’s not in those slumber party nights or pool pics that I realize I love you.

I realize I love you when you are the only one who understands my California slang. I realize I love you when you call me a dick when I’m acting like a dick. I realize I love you when I tell you I don’t want a drink when we’re on a Tinder Social date but you say “just take it” and pass me a gin and tonic.

The good kind of girlfriends are hard to capture. They’re crazy. They’re independent. They do what they want.

You hate them for their honesty, but their authenticity is what you love most about them. You get to a point when you wonder what you did without them. What did you do to deserve them? Are you even being a good girlfriend back? How can I give you anything after you’ve given me so much?

Sometimes I cry thinking about girlfriends of past, present, and future. I wonder why some are here, some are there, and some are just plain nowhere to be found. I wonder what I’ll do if I ever have to cope without the ones that are here and there.

Some girlfriends are so different than you that you think that maybe they can’t really be your “true girlfriends.” But then you realize that they’re truer than true. And you’ve just been a little too scared to admit that because you’ve never had this before. But finally you have it. You have these beautiful humans who love you more than anything and you don’t want to let it go but you feel too anxious to make that known. And you act like a dick. Then cry a little.

So go hug your girlfriends. Tell them you love them.