A post a day keeps the doctor away

A challenge to myself

I’m challenging myself to write every day for a month, or thirty days, during the month of November. All those vloggers I keep up with do daily vlogs. So why shouldn’t I try to daily blog?

Why? Here’s a few reasons:

  • I want to keep track of my thoughts as I enter the last leg of Remote Year in Asia. Big things are coming and I want to document them for myself.
  • Based on the calendar, we’ll see an overlap from one city to the next and all the thoughts and emotions that go into that.
  • I want to hone my writing skills.
  • I want to feel more comfortable hitting that big, scary ‘Publish’ button
  • I’ve found that when I write more honestly and candidly, more people respond to it. I’m not looking for 💚’s, but rather a way to connect with more people because sometimes it gets lonely up in my head and it’s always amazing when you realize someone else has been thinking the exact same thing as you your entire life.
  • Remote Year has been challenging in many ways, but I never really finished — or even started — some of the challenges I thought I’d tackle before I started the program. This is me challenging myself.
  • I wish I could have had a look into someone’s mind who was finishing Remote Year. When I started Remote Year, there weren’t enough resources from current (now alum) Remotes for people entering, or even considering, the program. This will (possibly) be a way to document my last four months and maybe help others in the future.

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