How Zoë got her groove back

Another list of seven things

Remote Year is weird. It’s really fun. It’s pretty overwhelming. It’s a lot in a little.

There is always something going on. I feel like I rarely have time to myself, which I don’t hate. I have to make a point of making time for myself, not just finding it.

We all have pretty strong ups and downs. I had a down this past week. I just didn’t feel myself. After my Remote Year hiatus, I had some trouble readjusting to Remote Year life. Now, I’m back up. I snapped out of it. I think these seven things contributed to getting me up again.

  1. I went to a Disclosure concert.
  2. Casey (Chekkmeout) and I went on a Tinder Social date.
  3. I danced.
  4. I ate four burgers in 5 days.
  5. Frank Ocean released blond(e).
  6. We got shushed ~10 times at a bar because we were playing Cheers General.
  7. I saw some great sunsets.

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