I’ve never been the youngest.

A reminder.

I’m one of four — smack dab in the middle.

I’m the only girl, so I’ve always been treated like a princess. But I’ve never been the youngest, never been the baby.

At least not until now.

On Remote Year, I’m surrounded by ~75 other smart, talented, inspiring, beautiful people. They also happen to be older than me.

I’ve never been the baby.

I’m not sure how to feel.

I don’t feel young.

I don’t feel inexperienced.

I feel like I’m with my people.

And I only feel weird when I think about it too much.

Just because someone has a few years on me, doesn’t mean we can’t each bring something equally valuable to the table.

Age is just a number, remember that.

Note: A day after publishing I found out that I’m the second youngest. Lol.