So, I had this weird dream, and the weird part is that I remember a lot of detail.

House Party.
I drive in, park in VIP and walk in. In the house I see ladies from a bible study group listening intently to a certain lady. I look again, its Amber Rose giving them relationship advice, talking about Wiz Khalifa. I make a mental note to say hi to her later.

I walk into the yard where its ha.pp.e.ning! And who do I see dancing all over, Jack Bauer. He looks very wierd with dreadlocks by the way. I make a mental note to take photos with him later.

My pal and his wife are doing this very very weird routine with amazing synchrony. Ai, kwani they practice everyday in the house?

Then Pitbull picks the mic and starts singing a love song? 
Aki I woke up!