I’m not sure if it’s alright to reveal that I’ve ever hang out at Central Park, the one with Fimbo Ya Moi monument… (Note the heavy Nairobi English)… Central Park is gistier side of Uhuru Park… Or so we made ourselves believe.

And si ati it was, sijui when I was a kid, ati our folks took us to the proverbial once-a-Sunday family outing. It was very recent. And by recent I mean after the invention of Uchumi’s Power Sandwiches.

And the best part, or worst is… I enjoyed it. Sitting on the grass, enjoying sandwiches and soda. And NO, it wasn’t a date, lest you kick me off the by-now-already-shaky pedestal you had placed me on.

It was fun. We were at corner somewhere behind a tree well away from the paths. There’s actually photographic evidence but I pray, as much as I love ‪#‎tbt’s, that those ones should never resurface.

All those who were involved, I beseech thee, tafadhali, let it remain a story that can easily be denied if when such a need arises, like one of us is featured on a Lifestyle magazine in the fashion pages. Ati this is Mwamisi before and after with the caption “Even you, you can make it”