So I’m taking my leisurely walk, dressed in a home t-shirt, shorts and sport shoes. Earphones on, I’m listening to Warning Sign by Cold Play… Beautiful song by the way.

Like 2 steps ahead of me was a chap dressed in a black smart suit. But my focus was not on him. It was on the gorgeous lady slightly ahead.

She seemed to be taking a walk too. My plan was to increase my pace kidogo and try squeeze in a nonchalant “Hi” and a quick “happy new year”. And hopefully when we meet again, I’d throw in a bright smile and an “aah, nice to meet you again. You live around?”

Then the dude makes a fart. Kwanza one of those ripping ones. It sounded like hulk was tearing off a canvas tent. Wah! I don’t think he had planned to release it like that. It caught me unawares. Trust me it was loud. I was on my earphones, low volume and I still heard. “I wasn’t readyyyyy”

The gorgeous chic turned, looked at the dude juu chini then looked at me and frowned…

Wait… What? Noooh! What? Noooh! 
 I knew I should have worn a better t-shirt.

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