One guy stared at me briefly then passed. A lady looked at me, then looked again… There was this look on her face that I couldn’t figure out! It looked like a mix of a I-have-seen-you-before look, what-the-hell look, and a hmmm look.

I kept walking in town, thought nothing of it. Then I got another look. I guessed it was one of those days. One of those “do I have something on my face?” days. I was having a good day anyway. I must have been beaming a smile. A gentleman smiled back at me. That confirmed it.

Ai. Lakini I kept getting looks in town. Especially from ladies. And it wasn’t the “Hi how are you” type. It was more bewildered.

Aki. I must have something on my face.

I walked until I got to a place with those reflective windows and quickly looked at myself.

GOSH! I did have something on my face…! A huge lipstick smear on the side of my cheek. Only it wasn’t lipstick. It was red paint dust. I must have brushed it on my face unknowingly from the wall.

If you were walking around that street ya Old Mutual on Monday between 12 and 12:30pm we are having daily meetings at Norwich, room 4a, from 5pm today. I need to explain myself. Snacks will be provided.