So I had this weird dream last night.

I was walking along this beautiful path in a place that looks like Karura forest… Very beautiful view. As usual I decide to take photos.

Walking towards me was a man in his 50s dressed in traditional skin loin cloth, fit body, carrying a panga sword, a simi. He looked like a hunter.

He thought I was taking photos of him. He pulled out his simi, pointed it at me and started coming at me with it. I tried to explain that I wasn’t taking photos of him. He kept coming. I had to ran for my life.

I ran into the forest, but no matter how fast I ran, he was still always a few feet behind me, walking slowly towards me with his simi.

Then I paused, wait a minute, that’s odd. This has got to be a dream… (The advantages of watching Inception).

I turned and faced the hunter boldly. He tried to pierce his simi through my chest. He couldn’t. I smiled. I grabbed the simi from him (like in the movies) holding the sharp of the blade without getting cut and pointed it at him. Then I stuad him “boom!”.

He lost his step and fell down the very high cliff. Landed down with a thud. I shouted at him… “It’s okay man. You’re not hurt. It’s only a dream. You can actually fly back here if you want.”
Then I woke up…. Nkt.

Muwache kunipigia simu Sunday morning…