She wakes up and hurries for her important day. As soon as she tries to push her body to stand, she feels a sudden rush in her head, and it clicks to her that it’s a hangover. As an aspiring journo, she is pretty sure she can do things correctly even when suffering from a severe hangover. She walks up and heads straight to bathe. After the morning chores end, she is now all fresh and ready to conquer the day. Still a little shaken by the hangover she opens her phone to call a senior. She inquires about the time she must reach for the meeting scheduled. The senior, quarterly asleep, quarterly angry, and half shocked screams on the phone whether what sense it makes to her to call him at dawn to ask about the meeting. The apology is exchanged and the phone is hung. She turns to the clock only to realise how stupid she can be. She sits there and laughs loud because that’s all she can do then.