Eye contact

There is something about eye contacts that make them more powerful than words. Especially if it’s the right person. It’s almost as if you are diving into each other’s mind and figuring out what’s going on inside it. Perhaps, that’s why I suck at having a strong eye contact with people I don’t know. Letting a complete stranger trying to discover what’s going on inside me feels like a nightmare.

The “Fan” pass gave me access to the first row. I was seated in immediate proximity of the stage. Phil Kaye, while delivering the brilliant “Beginning, Middle and End” looked straight into my eyes. In those 20 seconds, I felt happy because he acknowledged my presence, and uncomfortable because I couldn’t guess what he discovered. When too much was at stake, I broke it by cheering loudly.

The Fan pass also allowed me to click a picture with Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye post the gig. Of course, I didn’t waste the opportunity and clicked a stupid picture. I rather got tightly hugged and pecked by both of them. And there was something about their drained but comforting embrace that made me want to pause time, given that it’s been way too long since a hug has had such an effect on me. And then, there was that eye contact again! …while I shook his hand and congratulated him for his words. This time though, it was rather soothing. Soothing enough to make this one of my best memories.

PS: They both are way too cuter in person. Their dimples and “We are best friends and not lovers” chemistry, desirous.