Lost in decryption

You know why you loved sailing? It’s not the water or the hype of the sport. You loved it because it gave you the opportunity to dwell in the wave of decision-making. You could stay in the plain water and decide what to do — whether to challenge the high tide or just avoid rocks for the day. That’s where you found answers to your stupid queries. What’s with you now then? Why isn’t this dwelling working for you? Don’t even start on I’m-happy-with-the-way-things-are-currently bullshit. You know you sound so sorted right now but in reality, you aren’t. You are just misjudging your calmness to handle your current situation with being sorted.

“This is very much out of the blue but okay. So much for a birthday speech.”

I won’t say much. You understand my words well. Here are some of the last ones for you today. This one I quote from Mahabharata. Think about it.

Two kinds of people should be thrown into the water with a heavy rock tied around the neck: a rich man who doesn’t believe in charity and a poor man who doesn’t lead a plain life.

Decide who you want to be. Remember, rich/poor are not questioned to dignity.

“You’re drunk as fuck.”

People around me come up with the above mentioned weird shit. That’s not the worst part. The worst part is their weird shit lingers around my head. If you can decipher that drunken speech, ping me. Because in this case, ignorance isn’t bliss.

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