What the Gospel of Thomas Has to Say about the Parable of the Talents

When interpretations collide

The parable of the hidden treasure — Credit

My last two articles dealt with the Parable of The Talents (or Minas). The first article examined the Parable of The Talents, as found in Matthew 25:14–30, and its parallel, the Parable of The Minas, as seen in Luke 19:12–27, and explored them from a somewhat in-depth perspective.




Learn how you can use the texts from the Nag Hammadi library to unlock the Bible’s mysteries. Discover the secrets of Chryptianity!

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Timothy James Lambert

Timothy James Lambert

Author of The Gnostic Notebook series, stand-up comedian, and Gnostic. Known as the Judas Iscariot of Gnosticism for revealing that which is not to be revealed.

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