Forecast: Nice weather continues, but watch out for flooding

Forecast for Wednesday, October 12, 2016. Oh my goodness is it beautiful. Data: National Weather Service

The stretch of great post-Matthew weather continues as high pressure remains in control over the area. Temperatures will remain comfortable in the mid-to-upper 70s and skies will just have a few clouds at times. Pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. The only fly in the ointment will be possible tidal flooding with the evening high tide thanks to a combination of astronomical influences and continued northeast winds.

Tidal flooding to increase this week

Extratropical surge guidance for Charleston Harbor. Coastal flooding is expected especially later this week, where guidance suggests tides exceeding 8' are possible. Source: National Weather Service

Onshore winds combined with the perigee of the moon will combine for increasingly high tides as the week progresses. As tides begin to exceed 7', coastal flooding will become fairly likely — though it didn’t need to exceed that height to get some salt water on roads today.

Salt water everywhere. Terrible for the car…

Expect coastal flooding around times of high tide Thursday morning through at least Saturday. Extratropical surge guidance (pictured above) suggests tides exceeding 8' in the harbor Friday and then again on Saturday. At that height, we start seeing quite a few salt water issues in downtown Charleston. I’ll keep an eye on this. Fortunately, no rain is in the forecast to make the tidal issues any worse, but there may be some commute troubles at times.

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River flooding concerns continue

River flooding will continue to factor into the #chswx equation for the next several days in some spots. Several flood warnings remain in effect around area rivers.

Ashley River in Dorchester County

Flooding along the Ashley River will continue to play a role in parts of Dorchester County for a few more days, it looks like. Flood Warnings remain in effect along the Ashley River from 17A south to the Dorchester line as well as along and near US 78 at Four Hole Swamp closer to Ridgeville. If you live in these areas, please be aware of rising water and take action to protect life and property in case the waters continue to rise.

Edisto River near Givhans Ferry

AHPS forecast for the Edisto River near Givhans Ferry. Crest of 14.8' expected Wednesday night. Source: National Weather Service

Moderate flooding continues on the Edisto River near Givhans Ferry. It is expected to crest just shy of major flood stage tomorrow evening before slowly falling over the next several days — though the river is going to remain in moderate flood for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, the swollen Edisto is causing significant issues, including entering peoples’ homes.

Santee River near Jamestown

AHPS forecast for the Santee River near Jamestown. The river crested Monday at 13.06' and is falling. Source: National Weather Service

The Santee River at Jamestown crested on Monday at 13.06' and continues its descent. The NWS forecast calls for it to drop below flood stage on Thursday.

The next seven days

OMG. Data: National Weather Service

One word: Glorious.