Chubbies NFT
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Chubbies NFT

Introducing BittyBots — An On-Chain, Customizable, Self-Evolving NFT Collection



Table of Contents

1. What are BittyBots?

kixboy’s childhood dream coming true

2. The Art and Traits

2.1 Core Traits

BittyBot Models (subject to change)
BB1 — BittyBot 1 ETH companion

2.2 Helper Traits

2.3 Guaranteed 1 of 1 uniqueness

3 On-chain metadata and generation

3.1 On-chain Random generation

4. Combine and Customizable NFTs

Mock-up for the Combine Screen

5. Built-in Yield Token $JSTICE

6. A Self-evolving Collection

7. Supplementary DApp and Features

7.1 PNG Generator

Prototype for Twitter PNG

7.2 Power Leaderboard

7.3 Playground and Combine Tool

7.4 $JUSTICE Token Page

7.5 Bounty Missions

Not a Set. But cute and cool AF!

8. Inspirations

9. Endless ways of enjoying your Bitties

10. Future plans

Ending Words



Chubbies are programmatically generated 32x32 GIFs enlarged to 320x320, stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each one is unique, carefully crafted from more than 6 properties, and animated with 5 different frames at 150ms per frame.

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Profession procrastinator. Developer of BWPunks, Chubbies, and BittyBots.