Happy Halloween — ‘Don’t Boo, Vote’ posters

Brixton Doyle

President Cool dropped a meme worthy call to vote during his DNC speech this summer when he told the anti-Trump crowd, “Don’t boo, vote!”

The talented folks at the Creative Action Network have resurrected the meme (see what I did there?) as part of their Get Out the Vote efforts. CAN crowdsources designs from artists to raise awareness and support various causes. The artwork, like those from their Gun Show campaign and the gorgeous See America throwback designs, is turned into prints that including posters and t-shirts that can be purchased to support the artist and cause.

Austin Schlictman

The Halloween-themed campaign is one of many they have launched recently to promote voting including Vote Our Planet and Vote Libraries.

Between the haunted ghosts roaming the streets tonight, and this crazy election, there’s plenty to be afraid of. But as President Obama said back at the DNC this summer — “Don’t Boo, Vote!”
We couldn’t agree more, so we’re inviting artists and designers to make a fun collection of Don’t Boo, Vote! designs celebrating Halloween and the end of this spooky election! Contribute your own design today, or browse the collection here.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Get Out The Vote! by Lyla Paakkanen
Yael Pardess

And finally, getting the poo emoji to the polls.

Jason Li
When I read about the challenge, the image of a Jack-o-lantern exhorting a friend came to mind. Then it was a matter of finding a companion that was both as visually distinct and embodies the idea of the passive voter. The poop emoji came to mind. I imagined one shrugging at the idea of voting, while sitting at home and ridiculing the process and/or candidates all the same. 
-Jason Li

Check them all out and remember…

Happy Halloween.

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