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love and hate with Jenkins

Jenkins is a wonderful CI tool, and it is wonderful because:

  1. it is free and open source
  2. it has a rich pool of plugins for almost all the common use cases
  3. Blue Ocean (if you fancy better UI)
  4. lot of deployment options (windows, Linux, Mac, container, etc)
  5. if you are using it for business, yeah, it is a common skill set among developers

what I don’t like about Jenkins:

  1. security seems an afterthoughts in Jenkins world
  2. poor RBAC design
  3. no proper way to backup and restore jobs
  4. I hate the text field editor for pipeline
  5. configuration menu is a bit hard to navigate
  6. poor UI



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I am a coder/engineer/application security specialist. I like to play around with language and tools; I have strong interest in efficiency improvement.