Live Labs Values

We recognize five key values that are central to who we are. These values reflect the culture we encourage, the standards we hold, and the principles that underpin the team’s efforts. They guide our daily decisions and actions while linking the team through common beliefs.

1. Simplicity

We believe in always implementing solutions that are simple. This value applies to development, design and product to focus efforts on creating simple products first and adding more features later. This approach helps to maximize the value created as small steps are made towards achieving the overall goal and mitigating risks.

2. Courage

Several of our practices embody courage. Courage means persistence. When blocked, a team member may play a round of foosball to clear their head (yes, we have a foosball table at MaRS), and then tackle the issue head on with more clarity. No one on the team needs to fear failure, learning on the path of innovation eventually drives success.

3. Transparency

We are a team. We communicate face to face during daily stand ups and share what we accomplished yesterday, what we will be working on today and if we have any blockers. This helps with transparency and opens up the room for collaboration. Anyone (including executives)

can go into our project management tool and review the progress of the team. We work together to create the best solutions because we believe that we can accomplish more with transparent teamwork.

4. Ownership

Leaders empower each team member to take ownership. Each individual is encouraged to own their tasks and take pride in their work. They respect their own work and the work of their peers, while always striving for high quality and seeking the best solution.

5. Feedback

We value feedback and initiate it frequently and promptly. The development team conducts sprint demos to display their work and get feedback from one another. This allows them to make the necessary changes during the next sprint, instead of when the product is in it’s nal stages. Similarly, the design team critiques each other’s creations and gets feedback before future iterations. Finally, the entire team participates in weekly retrospectives to provide feedback on the team’s performance as a whole. These expressions are turned into action items for further growth and advancement.

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