Chinese TikTok and its further ambitions

Since I first posted this, 18 Sept 2020, the Chinese PLA have since posted this video online, showing them carrying out a nuclear attack against the United States.

This furthers the point that this isn’t just about TikTok, but China’s great ambitions for a global surveillance state… to the detriment of the rest of the world.

I like to remind folks that I usually have a (strangely acute) ability to predict the future, especially as it pertains to national security-related things. I said in December 2019 that COVID is going to change society. And I’ve said for since ~Feb 2020, TikTok will get called out for what it is, and get itself banned in a bi-partisan manner, leading to just the beginning of similar apps being banned as well.

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Here’s a great article from NYT on just how deep this goes

Luckily, this issue is starting to become a bi-partisan issue — finally. The level of surveillance the Chinese gov’t has conducted is amazing.

Many won’t care, but for those who are sensitive to privacy, you should be alarmed. Although I’m often told to “keep quiet” about such things, yours truly, as well as several other colleagues of mine, have been recently targeted by the Chinese Gov’t and their military. Not the first time and I’m sure its not the last time.

This is on top of them stealing everyone’s data from Office Personnel Management (OPM) leading to a huge impact to our own national security interests across the world — including data such as social security #s, addresses, previous addresses, acquittances, telephone numbers, birth certificate, passport, agency affiliation, finger print records, etc.. This means, at any time, just with the OPM data, China can open up a bank account in my name, credit card, buy a house, ruin my credit score. With TikTok’s help, had I ever used it, would have the ability to create 3D rendering of my face, accessing what my face and fingerprints have access to.

Just recently, they were found have massing surveillance programs in plain-sight. This time, specifically against the Australian gov’t, who’ve recently they started having a political fallout with.

As other countries do things a bit more quietly, the Chinese have never seemed to care about creating noise. Even if caught, as they often are, literally nothing actually happens to them.

On the flip side, let this also be a reminder that public sector barriers with our own technology companies and our own government are critical. If ever perceived to be “conducting surveillance” for the USG, it would have devastating consequences on those companies user-base, market-share, bottom lines, and ultimately the NASDAQ and US economy…

It’s for that reason, that anyone, regardless of political affiliation, asking for “back doors” into technology puts the economy at risk.

Privacy is real. The ability to control what you share and who you share it with, is at risk. The implications are larger than what most realize. The world needs to see it for what it is. No longer can this be pushed under the rug, hidden from public and therefor popular opinion.

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