Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

DotA 2 vs League of Legends

MOBA or also known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is type of a real-time strategic game wherein a player controls a character in either teams of the game.

The first ever MOBA game developed was Aeon of Strife which was a custom map from Starcraft that featured two opposing teams, 3 lanes (top, middle and bottom), minions/creeps, and RPG elements. People mistaken DotA (Defense of the Ancients) as the first MOBA game created since it was the first custom game to be popularized. The two games currently being argued in the Philippines to be the best MOBA game ever is DotA 2 and League of Legends.

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DotA 2 is a video game developed and published by Valve, and is a sequel of the original DotA series which was played with Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The development of the game started when IceFrog, the current lead developer of the original DotA series, was recruited by Valve to make a sequel of the game. DotA 2 was announced by Valve in 2009. Heroes from the original DotA series were released one by one and some were renamed to avoid copyright infringements with Blizzard Entertainment since some races of the heroes were from the Warcraft Universe. In 2013, DotA 2 was officially released but IceFrog shocked the community by releasing the DotA version 6.79 in Warcraft III because many believed that IceFrog stopped making more of the original DotA series to work on DotA 2. Thus, the DotA series in Warcraft III still continues to live from this day forth. DotA 2 also has custom maps from the original Warcraft III made by fans and developers of the maps. The DotA 2 is also considered one of the richest e-sport since it has the highest-grossing prize pool for International tournaments held. Dota 2 currently has an active competitive scene, with professional teams from across the globe playing in a variety of leagues and tournaments.

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On the other hand, League of Legends is a video game developed and published by Riot Games and was inspired by the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne custom map, Defense of the Ancients. It was first announced in early October of 2008. The official release of the game came out later in October of 2009 and the game was distributed among different regions. The game started off with 40 champions to choose from in defeating the opposing team. The game now has a total of 134 champions consisting different skill sets. Some champions were reworked for them to catch up with the current meta. League of Legends also added custom game modes to make the game have a little twist in its line namely; Ascension, Hexakill, One For All, Nemesis Draft, Nexus Siege, Legend of the Poro King, Doom Bots of Doom, Hunt of the Blood Moon, and Ultra Rapid Fire for it to be more enjoyable rather than just a casual MOBA game. League of Legends has an active and widespread competitive scene, with professional teams from every region playing in a variety of tournaments.

Currently, both games are still a hit since their release. People still argue which game is better, but for us, the two games have different strategies in winning and they are fun the way they are.


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