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Student Video Showcase

Faculty members of the college, teaching Fundamentals of Multimedia, conducted a joint video project evaluation last October 18, 2016 to the BSIS second year class. The top videos were selected based on their evaluation scores from their instructors and selected junior and senior students. Congratulations to the BSIS second year students for a job well done! Without further ado, here are the top picks in random order.

#1 Look Around

Motion graphics — filled indie short film.

#2 Black & White

Fashion themed promotional video featuring the selected BSIS-A students.


Narrative short film written by Ian Pinpin. Portrays the struggle of a student as he faces his problems with his family, peers and society.

The Vengeance

Short film directed by Rodnie Adorio. A group of friends decided to take a trip outside the city. Little did they know that this trip will be their last as one person in their group mysteriously disappears.


Sports ad by the BSIS 2A.

Fat vs Wild

A parody documentary video of Man vs Wild. Directed and written by Darryll David Beliran.

The Heartache

Music video directed by Geisha Marie Jayme. A guy caught cheating by his girlfriend tries to earn her forgiveness. Join them as they go through the trials of teenage romance and heartaches.



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