CIIE GrowthCamp — Six Startups, Six Cities

CIIE announces the launch of the Growthcamps and is inviting applications from startups across the country to participate in the program designed for four different sectors and industries across India. The last day of filing the application is on April 28.

CIIE GrowthCamp is a series of sector specific two-day programs each anchored by a corporate partner who is a market leader in either of the product domains — FinTech, Cloud, Analytics and IoT. The program promotes the advancement of startups by providing them with the unique opportunity to collaborate with an anchor corporate that has time and interest to act as a mentor for startup organizations. It includes product strategy review, sales channel enablement, and a CXO dinner all intended to further the development of participating startups.

It is open for all and any startup looking to participate in the GrowthCamp is encouraged to apply to pitch. The startups can be from the following domains: Cloud infrastructure, Cloud computing, Enterprise mobility, Cloud virtualization, Fintech, Payments, Internet of Things, EGovernance-Aadhar, Analytics, Telecom, Adtech.

The Startup Lounge will take place in 6 cities including Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi. ICT will travel to pick 6 startups from the mentioned cities to interview on spot for 10 minutes. The CIIE IIM-A team will select the most promising startups that will go to Pune to participate in the Growthcamps and showcase their product.

“We are excited about the upcoming GrowthCamps, and we have been seeing tremendous interest within the startup community. The companies chosen to participate in the upcoming batch will have a unique opportunity to showcase their products to decision-makers from leading companies in their fields,” said Maneesh Bhandari, Director (Pune Operations) at CIIE.

The teams will benefit in the following ways while participating in Growthcamps:

  • Be added on CIIE IIM Ahmedabad ‘GrowthCamp’ watch list that gives you higher chances to be selected for upcoming batch
  • Be connected to CIIE IIM Ahmedabad’s global community and learn more about worldwide opportunities
  • Receive valuable feedback from investors

Register for the CIIE IIM — A Startup Lounge on the website and be present on the day of the Startup Lounge, to pitch to investors and CIIE team. Based on all the pitches, teams will be shortlisted for interviews. You can register here —

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