Infuse Startup Showcase — 08 April 2015, Bangalore

The Infuse team recently organized the Infuse Startup Showcase in Bangalore — a “demo day” of sorts for startup teams from two of Infuse’s recent programs for cleantech startups:

  • PowerStart 2015 — India’s first sustainability-focused accelerator program, run by Infuse Ventures, with support from the Asian Development Bank and other partners. Currently in its third edition, PowerStart 2015 was aimed towards seed-stage startups building smarter IT-driven solutions for energy, buildings, transport, and other areas. Through capacity building and mentoring over a two-month Bangalore-based program, PowerStart aims to help this cohort of 10 teams in seeking further customer validation for their business models.
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  • Renewables Seed (RESeed) — a grant program run by Infuse Ventures, and supported by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India. RESeed aims to support piloting of new ideas to increase adoption of renewable energy in India through new IT, financial model & product innovations. Through RESeed, six cleantech startups were provided with piloting grants of Rs. 5–10 lacs each.
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The Showcase was held at TechHub Bangalore — our host partner for PowerStart — on 08 April. In attendance were several angels, and representatives from VCs (such as Accel, Helion, BitChemy, etc.) and corporates. A list of the presenting teams along with their short profiles can be found below:

  1. CloverBoard (Basil Systems) | PowerStart

CloverBoard is a WiFi-enabled touch switchboard that gives you convenience, energy savings, and security. It also an intelligent enough to sense motion, learn user routine & be controlled from a smartphone app.

Ritika Dhyawala of CloverBoard
Ritika Dhyawala of CloverBoard
  1. Clytics | PowerStart

Clytics uses behavioural sciences, data analytics & machine learning to provide disaggregated & simulated energy consumption information to consumers & utilities, eventually bringing better energy efficiency.

Shuvashish Chatterjee of Clytics.
Shuvashish Chatterjee of Clytics
  1. E-Cube Energy | PowerStart

Using a cloud-based energy data management & analytics portal, E-Cube develops industry-specific algorithms that make energy efficiency assessments simpler, its implementation data-driven & sustainable.

Umesh Bhutoria of E-Cube Energy
Umesh Bhutoria of E-Cube Energy
  1. ezysolare | RESeed

ezysolare is an online platform to facilitate solar decision-making for end-users as well as installers & EPCs, from generation potential assessment to layout design as well as a marketplace for solar products.

Anmol Jaggi of ezysolare
Anmol Jaggi of ezysolare
  1. Kindset | PowerStart

An Angelist-equivalent for social good, Kindset provides an online platform for organizations, people and corporates involved in social good initiatives such as sharing used books, reducing consumption.

Saran Sivaranjan of Kindset
Saran Sivaranjan of Kindset
  1. MachineTalk | PowerStart

MachineTalk is building a connected vehicle network solution that can provide real-time insights to vehicle owners, dealerships, OEMs, insurance companies and service stations.

Sarfraz Nawaz of MachineTalk
Sarfraz Nawaz of MachineTalk
  1. PAQS | PowerStart

Personal Air Quality Systems (PAQS) creates innovative technology solutions that enhance an individual’s health & comfort through an IoT-based personal air-quality monitoring device, a mobile app & back-end data engine. /

Jaimon and Vaidy of PAQS

  1. Promethean Energy | RESeed

Promethean’s ChillerMate technology recovers waste heat from industrial chiller units, helping them save upto 75% of their water heating costs.

Infuse Startup Showcase
Ashwin KP of Promethean Energy
  1. RenXSol | RESeed

RenxSol provides solar thermal and solar PV-based solutions customized to the needs of various industries.

Hrishikesh of RenXSol
Hrishikesh of RenXSol
  1. Ronds Innotech | PowerStart

Ronds offers reliable and cost-effective real-time remote sensing, monitoring & automation solutions without using internet & static IP.

Sijo Joseph of Ronds Innotech
Sijo Joseph of Ronds Innotech
  1. Ryder (Dhii Systems) | PowerStart

Ryder is a one-stop transportation app that aggregates all transportation service providers in a city. Using RYDER you can create or join a car pool, book a shared cab, order a private taxi or an auto rickshaw and get real-time bus/metro information.

Murali Tirupathi of Ryder
Murali Tirupathi of Ryder
  1. Skylark Drones | PowerStart

Skylark provides aerial solutions for surveying large land areas and providing industry-specific cloud-based data solutions for contour maps, orthomosaic, 3D Maps, oil pipeline inspection, and even crop health monitoring data.

TR Mughilan of Skylark Drones
TR Mughilan of Skylark Drones
  1. | PowerStart & RESeed is an online solar marketplace that connects buyers with installers, equipment suppliers and finance providers at a single point, ensuring access to high quality systems and cost-effective, confident transactions.

Digendra Singh of
Digendra Singh of
  1. Sunkalp Energy | RESeed

SunKalp Energy is a tech-enabled marketplace offering tools for lead generation, engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and finance that enables small and medium PV integrators to provide quality solutions at better prices in an organized manner to make quick conversions at a higher profit margin

Kanika Khanna of SunKalp Energy
Kanika Khanna of SunKalp Energy

We’ve also posted some of the videos of the presenting teams in this Infuse Startup Showcase.

Pictures from the Showcase have been uploaded on CIIE’s Facebook Page, and can be viewed here.

The Infuse team is currently in the process of finalizing seed investments in two teams from the PowerStart cohort, and an announcement can be expected very soon from our side! Stay tuned.

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