Insurance: Imperative for Education and Enlightenment

The new president of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria Mrs Babington-Ashaye has declared the theme for her tenure; Insurance- Imperative for Education and Enlightenment.

In her acceptance speech, Mrs Babington-Ashaye said “The choice of this theme was informed by the need to confront lack of general awareness, which is the greatest challenge facing our profession and the industry. People lack knowledge about insurance and its importance in all human endeavors, including business undertakings. This manifests in poor patronage of insurance products by the public and the unwillingness to choose Insurance as a course of study by the youths.”

“As an institute, we must continue to take deliberate steps to address these issues to reposition the profession in the psyche of the people. We must build on the past efforts of our predecessors and the awareness drive of other stakeholders in the industry.”

She further added “My tenure will focus on regular advocacy, professional development, enhanced insurance awareness, continued efforts on institute’s buildings and reorganization of the secretariat.”