I read Tim’s Book by Tyrone

I was kinda shocked but how can I really be shocked 2 much if I did sex work. It is not a book about sex. It is a book about how people always follow the rules and they are like numb people who just die bc they do what they are told. It is about authority and death. The sex is extreme but the genocide is extreme so what one is more ugly to the reader it is sex is bad or genocide is bad. Which one is worse is like a vote. First my reaction was to review this book bc Tim did Mrinal Bose’s book so I thought OK Barrus you get the same treatment and to see if Tim got mad. He did not get mad. He did not care much. It is a sad book bc people make all the wrong choices and there is no hero to save you at the end. You better save yourself in genocide bc no one will save you bc they are killing us all. I did not know how to write this bc I never did review a book. So I made a video and it is about how this book works. It is a scary book bc Tim does not believe in hope. I do not know how he can think this but he does. There is no hope in this book. Maybe I put some in the video. I do not know. This book will shake you up. by Tyrone

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