Educating Romeo

Photo of Tim Barrus by Trig

have you figured out by now, i’m often using titles designed to keep all the wrong people away — just don’t go here because it’s wasted energy. It’s completely wasted with me. Here in the Blue Ridge, we got shacks still living in the hollows with rusted cars, stills, snakes and poetry

Okay, so you went on Tumblr inquiring kinda mainly what was I saying in all my disabilities, and I’m sorry, but there are things I cannot do, do not do; i do not, never explain, never explain you never explain, just never explain it, and frankly, it’s about as an alien species devours hordes of humanity, and a few whores of humanity as well.

Let us speak of kings, and queens, and to depict the kind of anonymous stages of regret, who has time for regret. These things. A split up the Crowns of Moors upon the holes of the holes of the splinters of the sphincter’s rings, paradise is only just that because if you do stick your head out the door someone will shoot you and blow your brains out forevermore. Whose provocation displays one eunuch times another hundreds of them, crime and punishment, sometimes in black high heels, and the spreading of the canvas is what the criminals steal.

And unlike kings and hatred sings, it’s a story articulated by a visceral historic depiction, Mister Bones, poetry excluded by a you name it, everything’s subversive. You citizens, you people responsible for the parenting, excuse me, the kick in the pussy from a poverty far more insidious than a morality built upon the end of days was exactly that, and the end of daze was staggering.

Education means a pushing beyond curiosity. Quid Pro Quo, the proverbial beyond animosity, all systems staggering through minescapes in meritocracy. The frequently unflattering in the depths of hell.

I regret every fucking thing. You name it. I regret it. Education was always a heady place to defy the system, but what of it, in many Southern states, places where they just love the idea of the segregated Christian Schools, and in order to build one — another take on what homeschooling let me tell you something, these kids have been fucked in the ass all their lives, by this by that let us proselytize. Regarded in vulgarity, what, you don’t think I don’t know that, please, the mockery of any form of it is the only way some people who go down, some very smart people, the ones running the railway round and round are running it, not ruining it, or some invasive atrocity has strangled many, many entire civilizations burned to the motherfucking ground. Take the abused kid’s brains knocked against a skull of skulls; Mercutio twists and turns concussions in a swell of skirmish, Romeo would be dead by twelve.

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