The Unbundling of Learning Technology

The world of technology is unbundling: consumers can take advantage of best-in-class solutions rather than use a behemoth, monolithic application that can do everything but nothing well (i.e. most enterprise software). Instead of subscribing to cable TV services just for HBO, consumers can buy a single episode of The Walking Dead on Amazon. Before app stores, mobile devices locked and forced consumers to use preloaded bloat-ware, but now users can pick and choose the apps they want.

Unbundling is Good for Users

As technology becomes more unbundled, it is the user who benefits. They are no longer forced to use a software just because it is bundled in. An unbundled experience allows users to take advantage of best in class solutions, rather than use a behemoth monolithic application that can do everything but nothing well (i.e. most enterprise software).

Many software industries have gone through the unbundling revolution. CMS’s have gone from just a few giants to hundreds of CMS systems each with specific specialty. Years ago, marketing software was dominated by the Marketo’s and the Eloqua’s of the world. Now, smaller players such as MailChimp, Drip, LeadPages, and ConstantContact are bringing enterprise level features such as marketing automation to small and mid-size businesses.

Unbundling of Learning Technology

We believe that learning technology is ready for this same revolution. The big names in this field attempted to be a one stop shop for creating content, LMS administration, user management, and multi-channel learning. However, they have mostly stuck to the old paradigm of closed systems with little or no APIs. Poor user experience and lack of innovation are unfortunately the standard when it comes to learning technology.

Learning technology needs to be developed with the expectation that will be required to connect to other systems, and this is where the Experience API (xAPI) will play a major part of this revolution. xAPI uses a modern rest API that can send an any data that you’d like to store to the Learning Record Store (LRS). The learning technology stack can now be unbundled by sending any data that you’d like to perform analytics on to the LRS and using a light-weight LMS for hosting your content, user accounts.

The Role of Cinch in Unbundling your Training

Cinch takes the next step in unbundling learning technology with xAPI and more. Cinch allows training adminster manage all training activities from a single interface. Admins can use GoToWebinar for webinars, SumTotal for self-paced training, and EventBrite for event registration, SuveyMonkey for surveys and more. And, if required, admins can switch out these apps for others.

Don’t be like most organizations and settle on subpar training channel solutions in order to efficiently manage training data. Get unbundled with Cinch and join the revolution.

If you’d like to learn more about using Cinch in your organization contact us at and we’ll set up a product demo and answer all your questions.