Bringing High-Quality Data to Crypto Markets: Cindicator Partners with Svandis

Professionals working in traditional financial markets often take data for granted. A few taps on the Bloomberg Terminal keyboard and you can pull information about any major company, including recent filings, price charts, technical and fundamental indicators, a list of shareholders, news, and any other data imaginable. That wasn’t always the case. As Bloomberg Terminal’s signature black theme suggests, today’s financial data services were developed in the 1980s.

The data on crypto markets is arguably even less developed than financial data was at the dawn of the PC age. When Michael Bloomberg set out to create the Terminal at least there were regulated and verified data sources, like SEC filings and exchange feeds. Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor went through many editions and everybody understood how to value a public company. Today’s crypto world is in some ways more similar to the turn of the 20th century, when reliable data was rare and valuable, and its interpretation was far from trivial.

At Cindicator, we saw this dire lack of data as an opportunity and shifted our emphasis from stock and traditional assets to crypto markets. By combining insights from 100,000+ diverse and decentralised analysts and AI, we create analytical products and indicators that help navigate the complex, ever-changing world of crypto assets. Our constantly evolving indicators are used by part-time day traders and professional investors alike. This is only the beginning, of course — it’s been less than eight months since our token sale.

It was during our token sale when our team first met Hermann Finnbjornsson, CEO and Co-founder of Svandis. Given his extensive experience as the founder of Iceland’s first crypto exchange, he made it to the first tier of our white list. Throughout the token sale he was already suggesting interesting ideas for future technology integrations for our products to create additional value for all members of the ecosystem. We developed that complex and detailed whitelisting process in September 2017 specifically to find long-term partners and active participants for the ecosystem. It’s great that the ecosystem is already reaping the benefits of this approach.

As professional investors, Hermann and his colleagues needed a unified platform for receiving and analysing up-to-date and factual information on crypto assets and token sales. To counter the issue of the lack of reliable data sources, they came up with the Svandis ecosystem. It incentivises information-sharing and participation in data entry, exercising the concept of collective intelligence. It’s based on the hypothesis that a group of people is more likely to provide the right answer than just a single expert — the same idea that inspired the Cindicator team.

At the core of the Svandis ecosystem is the Svandis Research Community. Members of the community earn Svandis tokens (SVN) by running Svandis data processing applications on their computers or submitting verifiable data to the Svandis Analytics Team and data infrastructure. By combining this data with visualisation tools, the Svandis platform will make market information accessible, enabling the efficient analysis and selection of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets for trading and investing. It will also provide immediate access to news and information processed by professional analysts in one place, a huge advantage for crypto market trading.

We see a clear synergy with what the Svandis team is working on. Cindicator’s ecosystem will use a range of Svandis tools, while Svandis will integrate Cindicator’s data with its ecosystem to train its algorithms and machine learning functions. Our 100,000 analysts are already following crypto markets and can make valuable contributions to the Svandis ecosystem. At the same time, Svandis’ high quality information and data feeds will help Cindicator analysts make more accurate forecasts. We believe that in the long term Svandis will positively influence the accuracy of Cindicator’s products.

We envision that Cindicator and Svandis products will become common tools in the arsenal of every innovative asset manager. This is why we partnered with Svandis and welcomed the team into the Symbiotic Network. Our team will share our experience in developing token economies to help create a thriving community that will co-create Svandis products. We are confident that together we can significantly accelerate the development of our token ecosystems.

If you’re already participating in crypto markets — as a Cindicator analyst or token holder, or in any other capacity — we encourage you to join the Svandis community. Together, we are shaping the very foundations of crypto markets.

Please be aware that none of the above constitutes financial advice. You should always do your own due diligence and act accordingly with the laws of your country.