Cindicator Avantgarde Program

Dear Community Members,

There are more than 100,000 syndiators around the world who want to meet, communicate, discuss, and achieve more through the Hybrid Intelligence platform and the Symbiotic Network, but our core team is only 50 people. For this reason, we hope you will be an important member of our team, Cindicator Avantgarde. Make an important difference.

We know there are a lot of people in our community. You have unique ideas, experiences, contacts and views. We are constantly impressed by your outstanding insights and suggestions. To help you achieve more and more individually and as a whole, the Cindicator ecosystem, we have begun to create new structures that leverage the creativity and energy of the community.

So, let's take a closer look!

Here are some examples of things you can do.


  • Assume official regional contact role;
  • Establishment of local community;
  • Active in our community of Telegram, Reddit and Discord
  • Teaching community trading strategies based on Cindicator products (using special certificates);
  • Communicate interesting ideas from the community to the team;
  • Meeting team and live stream / video composition at AMA;


  • Configure Cindicator and Symbiotic Network events (meeting / hacker tone etc);
  • Create media lead:
  • Create content and buzz for new releases - Example: Record product demo videos and upload them to YouTube;
  • Sharing brand messages on social networks;


  • Writing articles about Cindicator, its ecosystem, becoming a trader / analyst;
  • Translate articles into native language;
  • Conducting interviews (eg, AMA and team members, token holders, analysts, etc.);
  • Prepare presentations / content with highlights for our events;

Available benefits:

  • On the Team tab, on the website as a Community contact, on the telegram as an Avantgarde member;
  • Can be hired by a recommendation or marketing department (or other department) to work with Symbiotic Network's Cindicator partners;
  • Participate in conferences with our team;
  • Access to some of our products for free;
  • Customized questions about Hybrid Intelligence;
  • Cross-promotion if you are a member / author of a local block-chain community;
  • Meet / call our team members;
  • Direct connection with CMO and HoC via telegram, Discord, email, telephone;
  • New features, try the product first;
  • Free sweats;
  • Supported by Cindicator to participate in block chaining events or events that may be interesting to the Cindicator business (mainly using the Cindicator team network);
  • Possibility to visit the Saint-Petersburg office (or any other office that we have established or will open).

Key Performance Indicators (how good are you):

- will be determined by the individual roles in Avantgarde.

Since each and every one of you has different situations and expertise, an individual KPI will be determined after assigning the job you want. You can access various products / functions / team members depending on their role and contribution.

Some missions are required.

  • We actively work in our official and local communities,
  • Active in the internal Avantgarde community,
  • And three other missions of your choice.

We use Trello to track the success and success of everyone. As a team, we will determine our top priority and tasks. On a quarterly basis, we will select one member of Avantgarde who has worked to support the community as "Avantgarde of the Year".

How to apply:

Please contact Yana and complete the form .

Thank you for all the help you have given us, but unfortunately we can not accept all requests.

As a Cindicator Community Leader, we will work very closely with each member of Avantgarde to ensure your growth and success. These supporters will have a closed disco channel and an exclusive special contest. The most enthusiastic and highly engaged Ambassador can be a Cindicator employee!

Thank you very much for joining the community. All of you have played a very important role in the progress made since last September. Working more closely together can help you do more. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions, do not be shy, and ask for a comment here. Others may have similar questions. We will answer everyone.

Thank you.

Cindicator Team