Cindicator Avantgarde Program

There are more than 100,000 Cindicatorians around the globe who want to meet, communicate, discuss and achieve more with our Hybrid Intelligence platform and the Symbiotic Network, but our core team only has fifty people. This is why we want YOU to become an essential part of our team — to be in the Cindicator Avantgarde. Make changes that matter.

We know that there is a vast amount of talent in our community. Each of you have unique ideas, experiences, contacts, and views. We’re constantly impressed by the quality of your insights and suggestions. To help both you personally and the Cindicator ecosystem as a whole achieve more, we’ve set out to create a new structure that harness the creativity and energy of our community.

So, let’s get to details!

Your duties would include:


  • be an official local representative;
  • build the local community;
  • be active in our communities on Telegram, Reddit and Discord
  • teach the community trading strategies based on Cindicator products (with a special certificate);
  • convey interesting ideas from the community to the team;
  • organize livestreams/videos from meetups and AMAs with the team;


  • organize Cindicator and Symbiotic Network events (meet-ups/hackathons etc);
  • generate media leads;
  • create content and buzz for a new product launch — e.g. recording a product demo video and uploading to YouTube;
  • share brand messages on social networks;


  • write articles about Cindicator, its ecosystem, about being trader/analyst etc;
  • translate articles to your native language;
  • conduct interviews (e.g. AMA with a team member, with token holder, analyst etc);
  • prepare presentations/content with highlights about our events;

Here is what you will get:

  1. listed on website as community representative in team tab and on telegram as an Avantgarde member;
  2. possible hiring to our marketing department (or any other department) or recommendations to work with a Cindicator partner from the Symbiotic Network;
  3. take part in conferences with our team;
  4. access some of our products for free;
  5. custom questions to Hybrid Intelligence;
  6. cross-promotion if you’re part of local blockchain community/writer etc;
  7. meet-ups/calls with our team members;
  8. direct connection with CMO and HoC in Telegram, Discord, by email, calls;
  9. be the first to try new features, products;
  10. free swag;
  11. Cindicator support to participate in blockchains events or anything that could be interesting for Cindicator business (mainly using the Cindicator team network);
  12. possibility of visiting the St Petersburg office (or any other office we have/will open).

Key performance indicator (how good you’re at it):

– will be determined by the role you play in the Avantgarde individually

We understand that the each and everyone of you have different circumstances and expertise so your individual KPI will be determined after assigning you the duties that you want. You will get access to different products/features/team members based on your role and contribution.

Note that some duties will be mandatory:

  • being active in our official communities and in the local ones,
  • being active in internal Avantgarde community,

and 3 other duties of your choice.

We will leverage Trello to track everyone’s performance and success. As a team, we will decide on our top priorities and tasks. Every quarter, we will select one Avantgarde member as the “Avantgarde of the Year” for his/her assistance to the community.

How to apply:

Contact Yana and fill out the form.

Though we appreciate all the help we can get, sadly we will not be able to accommodate every request.

We will be working very closely with each member of the Avantgarde to ensure your growth and success as a community representative for Cindicator. There will be a closed discord channel and exclusive special contests for these supporters. The most passionate and involved ambassadors might even become employees of Cindicator!

Thank you so much being part of the community. You all played very important roles in the progress that we’ve achieved since last September. By working closer together we could do even more. We’re really excited and look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions, don’t be shy, just ask them here in the comments. Others might have similar questions, we’ll be sure to answer them all.

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