Cindicator’s new look: the visual identity for the next stage

We’re launching Cindicator’s new visual identity. Tomorrow we will have a new logo and a new website, soon we will also update the UI for our apps. In today’s post, we want to explain the rationale for updating our visual identity.

The new logo

A while ago, we realised that our logo — the ‘big C’ network — had several issues. It was created during a completely different era for our ecosystem, back in 2016 when there actually was no ecosystem. Still, we grew to love that logo. A lot of memories are connected to it. Yet, as of 2018, that image no longer stands out from the crowd. For new people, it was not memorable on its own. It did not convey any deeper meaning.

Before embarking on the journey to find our new visual language, we put together a list of things we wanted from the new logo. We believe it should be:

  1. Memorable & instantly recognisable (minimal, accurate and visually simple);
  2. Deep in a plexus of symbolism and functionality, combining the depth of the wisdom of ancient teachings and the usability of innovative technology;
  3. Rich in possibilities for future usage in animations and interactions.

What meaning did we want to embed in the new logo? We wanted to connect it to our ideas about the evolving unity of intelligence, new life, the universe, new dimensions, the new quality of value and of course the effective management of resources.

Nowadays Cindicator, as the symbiosis of human collectives and AI technology has evolved to become an even more self-aware, living meta-organism or cybernetic social structure. It is a company of the new type, where the ecosystem and community together the technology play a fundamental role in the evolution of its life. Together, as a cybernetic organism, we are transforming rapidly and have become more complex and interconnected, ready to set even higher collective goals that can be reached collectively based on unity and symbiotic interactions. The unity and evolution of Hybrid Intelligence help us all to make decisions amid the growth of uncertainty about the future, making resources and asset management more effective in the service of the prosperity of our ecosystem.

The circle is one of the oldest symbols. In ancient Buddhist teachings, the circle represented the Mind at its most creative moments as well as its unity with the higher being. The circle with a dot signifies the birth of the intelligence that brings balance to the universe. It is also a symbol of light, the emergence of a new dimension, a new type of value.

Yuri Lobyntsev, Cindicator co-founder and CTO, said:

“The circle could be perceived as the ideal goal. The dot then represents an entry to a new dimension, which opens up once the limit is transcended. The circle with a dot is also a reference to the limits of the golden ratio dynamic, in which the infinite Spiral of Life is perpetually seeking internal and external goals, in depth to reach the singularity of the centre and in height to explore the infinite possibilities of open space.
Here we’re just scratching the surface of the rich symbolism embodied in this seemingly simple geometry. The circle represents the Mind in Buddhism, the higher power in Dao, the eternity in Freemasonry, the sun in astronomy, and many other important ideas in different philosophies. Most importantly, the new logo personifies global balance, the mind, the full cycle, the unity of the ecosystem, effectiveness, constantly evolving excellence, and limitless possibilities.”

New frontiers

We are unveiling the new visual identity at an apt time. Cindicator is now actively exploring new markets in Asia. Meanwhile, our team is preparing to launch the first financial products based on Hybrid Intelligence. The new design establishes a solid foundation for this next stage.

At a practical level, it is crucial that our website is readable and easy to use for a very wide range of audiences from around the world. The previous dark version looked great and was highly captivating. Yet the small grey font on a dark background was hard to read for many users. The new, lighter design follows the latest best practices for usability. It’s also faster and works great on any screen, as you will see tomorrow.

If you really loved the dark version, do not despair. In future, we will have several themes, including both a dark and a light one.

You might also notice that the new website is a lot more streamlined in terms of content. As usual, we’re launching everything iteratively and will keep adding more pages. We think the new texts provide a clear and succinct introduction to our products and the company as a whole. If something is missing or you think something is confusing, please let us know — we truly value your feedback.

The new stage

As we said in our article about the token sale anniversary, we’re moving ahead of our initial plans. The Cindicator ecosystem is entering a new stage in its development. One of the apparent signs of that progress was the shift to distributing the motivational pool for analysts in CND tokens instead of ETH, strengthening the framework of unity within the ecosystem. The new visual design is another significant development that is visible to everyone. This is only the beginning — there is a lot of work being done by all of our teams and we hope to share it with you very soon.

Please join us in celebrating the beginning of a new stage for Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem!