Forecasters — it’s time to win rewards!

Share with us how you use CIndicator and win valuable prizes!

Hello Cindicatorians,

In July 2017 there were 13 681 predictions every month.

In March 2018 — you made 404 393 predictions.

That means you use Cindicator a lot! Tell us — Why do you make forecasts? How do you use our products in your trading? Tell us about your experience in articles or videos and win valuable prizes. We lo-o-o-ve reading your stories.

A few articles have already been published! The challenge runs til April 27 — hurry up and…

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To participate in the challenge, you need to register using this form.

The Insight Challenge will have two categories to reflect the core parts of the Cindicator ecosystem: analysts and token holders. For either category, entries can be written posts of at least 2,000 characters or videos that are at least two minutes long. You can publish your insights to Medium, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit or any other platform where you can publicly share an article or video.

Best Cindicator Analyst Insight

If you are one of our analysts, please explain why you make forecasts on our platform. Here are some more ideas to get you started:

  • How Cindicator helps in the development of analytical skills?
  • Why any analyst should make forecasts every day?
  • How to learn about crypto markets with Cindicator?
  • Are you trying to establish a track record?
  • Does it help you to learn more about what moves markets?
  • How Cindicator is a risk-free way to profit from predicting the markets?
  • What did predicting on Cindicator teach me?
  • Is it a way of getting consistent feedback on your analytical skills?

Best Cindicator Trader Insight

If you are one of our token holders and use our products, we invite you to share how you use indicators in your trading and investment strategies. You can share any expired indicators to argue your point, for example:

  • How to correctly interpret Cindicator’s indicators?
  • Why Cindicator is a must-have analytical tool for any trader?
  • Using Cindicator’s ICO ranking in token project research?
  • How to profit from Cindicator’s arbitrage bot?
  • Do you make trades only if indicators are above a certain probability level?
  • Is Cindicator a core element of your trading strategies or is it complementary to other signals you use?
  • Is ICO ranking a useful way to prioritise which projects to research?

The prizes

1st place: General ticket to a blockchain or crypto event with Cindicator speakers or an event of the winner’s choice (flight + hotel accomodation are included)*


+ Gift bag with exciting and useful Cindicator merch

+ Cindicator Bot** (Trader) for one month

2nd place:


+ Gift bag with exciting and useful Cindicator merch

+ Cindicator Bot** (Explorer) for one month

3rd place:


+ Gift bag with exciting and useful Cindicator merch

+ Cindicator Bot** (Beginner) for one month

*Cindicator is responsible for granting the general ticket to a conference plus roundtrip ticket and hotel accomodation. The price of the whole prize is in an amount no greater than $3000 (three thousand dollars). You can choose any blockchain/crypto event. If you choose an event where Cindicator team is also present, we will try to arrange a meeting with them.

**If you win one of the prizes and already have access to the awarded tier, you will be upgraded to a higher tier for one month.

We are also considering a list of additional prizes, but we want to keep them as surprises. Furthermore, as a participant in this challenge, you will be at the forefront of all future opportunities. Our product managers will closely follow the challenge and you will have a real say in the further development of our platform and products.

The basics

Our Insight Challenge has started on March 29 and will run for four weeks until 27 April. We value quality over quantity and want to give you plenty of time to put your thoughts together. There is no advantage in being the first to publish something if the quality suffers. Instead, you should try to make the best possible post with a clear structure, strong arguments, and supporting data, charts and images.

Types of content

All entries should be new and original content. You cannot submit posts that were published publicly prior to this announcement or copy someone else’s work.

Two main types of content will be accepted:

  • Written posts of at least 2,000 characters;
  • Videos at least two minutes long.

You can post your entries to any platform, but it should be publicly available. Private or closed entries will not be accepted.

Additional requirements:

  • Entries can be in any language but we will appreciate if they will be in English (English grammar doesn’t matter, the content will be proofread before publishing);
  • You should publish your content from your social media account (one or several) with a hashtag #CNDcontest;
  • You can make more than one entry, but we would encourage you to focus on the quality of your submissions.

Who will select the winner?

The best content will be selected in two stages. Firstly, after the deadline our jury will review all entries and will pick the top five posts in each category. Then we will publish the top content to Cindicator’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Our community will vote for the best content with likes and shares. The three entries in each category with the most likes and shares will win prizes.

Here is what our jury will be looking for:

  • Is the post helpful for existing or new members of the Cindicator ecosystem?
  • Is the post interesting or entertaining?
  • Does the post offer a unique or personal insight?

We don’t want you to repeat the obvious or just shill. Entries should offer real value to readers and viewers.

Our jury will include:

The founders:

Mike Brusov, CEO, Yuri Lobyntsev, CTO, Artem Baranov, COO

The team members:

Kate Kurbanova, Head of Analytics, Nodari Kolmakhidze, Chief Investment Officer, Ksenia Semenova, CMO, Xenia Shultz, Head of PR, Yana Marakhonova, Head of Community.

Full list of rules

The full list of rules is available here. It is a bit dry since it’s a legal document, but please take the time to read it to avoid any misunderstanding.

Have any questions? Let us know in the comments.


The Cindicator team

P.S. Increase your chances by sharing this Insight Challenge with friends and followers! Use #CNDcontest tag.

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