Symbiotic Network: The Beginning

Today’s centralised institutions (from governments to banking systems) are ill-equipped to adapt to accelerating technological, societal, and economic changes. Faced with the current magnitude of developmental leaps we are witnessing, their ability to transform is extremely limited.

Yet, radically decentralised systems may also be utopian.

Increasing partisanship and anarchist-inspired slogans add to the risk of escalating conflicts in real systems. This only increases levels of pressure further.

Meanwhile, Buddhist teachings and the Ancient Greeks advise us to look for a golden mean — a happy medium between two extremes. The contrasting tendencies of centralisation and decentralisation in our society are inherently neither good nor bad. They work in balance with each other.

In reality, a decentralised system can only develop by evolving from a core, for example from a small, tight-knit team. At the beginning of its evolution, this core appears centralised. The decentralised network, which originates from a centralised core, begins to produce insights, unexpected ideas and solutions. It produces creativity, security and efficiency. These network effects spur the development of the whole ecosystem and make it highly adaptive.

The postmodern philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari introduced the concept of the rhizome, a living, constantly evolving network embodying aspects of both decentralisation and centralisation. Some of its parts exhibit bundles of unique orderliness with more frequent and denser links than in other areas of the network. These are the spots that were previously cores of “localised centralisation”.

We see that today’s exponentially developing society is a rhizome. The wave of distributed ledger technologies and digital assets gives rise to a new type of thinking and to new societies. These emerging network organisations are expanding. Each one is turning various functional processes from a highly centralised environment into a new decentralised, yet united ecosystem.

The problem is that the human brain is lagging behind the pace of global development. We are entering a period of uncertainty when effective decision-making demands that an excessive range of data and variables is accounted for.

Cindicator’s initiative

Cindicator is creating a symbiotic network of tokenised startups and network organisations. It is a living rhizome, a new type of intelligence that unites all DAOs during a historical moment of transition from one era to another. This is a new system for the collective management of the ecosystem’s shared resources. This is a model for effective decision-making with Hybrid Intelligence.

The Cindicator Symbiotic Network is a step in the evolutionary development of human society. Its manifestation is aimed at solving the major issues of human civilisation through antifragile, synergetic cooperation, in order to improve the quality of life on Earth, expand into space, and create orderly decentralised rhizomes defined by mathematical beauty.

We are facilitating a network of partners and preparing for synergies with teams of a new type — tokenised companies. The network ideology is ingrained in the DNA of these organisations. They understand the importance of uniting and sharing resources and knowledge, which is essential to operating in today’s world.

We welcome companies that:

  • Have the potential to create a technology or business synergy with Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence;
  • Research and develop new DLT protocol layers to strengthen the digital assets ecosystem;
  • Create new models for decision-making and management of decentralised organisations and networks.

When a system cannot be transformed from the top, it changes from the inside. This is happening right now. We can see that new pockets of transformation are being shaped across society. Ideological and network organisations of the new economy are emerging everywhere.

The beauty of the world’s accelerating complexity is in a unique opportunity for the deep transformation of society, and the potential shift to an era of a new type of thinking.

We are concerned about the effectiveness of making decisions that address issues and challenges that we as humans will face over the next five to 30 years:

  • The economy;
  • Technology;
  • The environment;
  • Geopolitics;
  • Space exploration.

The Symbiotic Network with Hybrid Intelligence

One of Cindicator’s central long-term aims is to build an infrastructure that will manage resources as effectively as possible, bringing together all of its intellectual assets.

As we understand it, the management infrastructure at the current stage can be defined as three distinct constituent bases, managing three aspects of the Hybrid Intelligence portfolio, differing in nature from, but mutually reinforcing each other:

  1. Long-term portfolio (with a strategy horizon of >one year);
  2. Mid-term portfolio (>one month and <one year);
  3. Short-term portfolio (<one month).

Economic rationale of the Cindicator Symbiotic Network: an internal contour of the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem with a view to deepening connections with the network of the first and second bases — the long-term strategic management basis and the mid-term tactical basis — and to gaining traction for new research and additional Hybrid Intelligence product verification, including using predictive analytics as a basis for the internal economy of the Cindicator ecosystem.

Strategic rationale of the Cindicator Symbiotic Network: an external contour of the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem, meaning the creation of a space for facilitating in-depth communication with all tokenised organisations of a new networked type, creating and developing a new economy in order to stimulate the cross-pollination of coherent ideas across the entire community of the new economy.

The ideological alliance implied by an open ecosystem on the one hand allows everyone to maintain, in a synchronised fashion, consensus through the collective vision of a significant number of key facilitators of the new paradigm and, on the other hand, to unite forces and coordinate collective actions, catalysing a phased network transition and a flourishing of life.

First support phase of the Cindicator Symbiotic Network

One of the key ideological principles of the new economy is the free exchange of resources, information, ideas, experience and knowledge.

Since 2015, a collective of like-minded entrepreneurs, traders and mathematicians — the Cindicator team — has walked the classic path from fintech startup with a direct B2B business model to an effectively functioning and partly decentralised networked organisation with an internal economy of token holders. In September 2017 Cindicator successfully held a Token Sale using a White List methodology developed by our team, which is now widely used by some of the world’s major companies.

Cindicator’s Token Sale attracted over $500 million in applications from prospective token holders. However, we set the hard cap at $15 million to focus on the quality of the community, rather than the sheer amount of sale proceeds. We carefully selected the core of our future networked ecosystem, consisting of 4,507 active, diverse and intelligent developers, entrepreneurs, data scientists, and traders from 33,449 detailed applications. Our selection criteria were based on the value token holders could add to create the most effective ecosystem possible. This immediately began to deliver many positive network effects and gave a powerful boost to the long-term growth of the ecosystem, which we are now observing.

During this time Hybrid Intelligence has accumulated a unique body of experience, connections and resources, which are poised to support the Symbiotic Network as a fully-fledged and active participant in the ecosystem.

As the first step in this direction we are opening the doors to communication with the aim of working with the ecosystem, the Cindicator team and the collective intellect of the 100,000 analysts on our platform. We have begun to collect applications from teams who can use Hybrid Intelligence to transform and tokenise their businesses, as well as integrating into the networked ecosystem to achieve symbiosis and a bilateral strengthening of products and developed technologies.

Three companies have already joined the Symbiotic Network. They are Svandis, a platform for financial research with analytical and visualisation tools for the crypto community, Blue Frontiers, a leader of the seasteading movement that is building permanent settlements on floating structures in French Polynesia, and SLP, a decentralised platform for loyalty programmes with a blockchain-based bonus points exchange. We’ll talk in detail about each of the first members starting next week.

Let’s unite

The foundations of a new epoch are unity, integrity and the intelligent management of limited resources for the benefit of a shared ecosystem. Responsibility for the future of the economy, life and the development of our society is in our hands — that means us and you.

Great teams should collaborate in the name of well-being and sustainable development. Let us all unite and use our intelligence, evolve and move beyond old management, as well as national and economic barriers, so that we can explore our limits and go to space.

Submit your application to collaborate by filling out the form here.