The evolution of the Cindicator ecosystem: The CND pool for analysts

If you made any forecasts with Cindicator in August, you probably know that we’re moving towards giving out monthly rewards in CND tokens instead of ETH. This is a major milestone in the development of the Cindicator ecosystem and in this post, we want to explain its significance to all analysts, token holders and other contributors.

CND motivational pool strengthens the Cindicator ecosystem

Distributing monthly rewards in CND will have a strong positive impact on the whole ecosystem, making it more united, engaged and sustainable.

By holding CND, analysts will become an even more integrated part of Hybrid Intelligence. CND rewards will establish a stronger and more direct feedback loop between analysts’ intellectual investment into Hybrid Intelligence and the value they receive. These new links increase the level of analysts’ financial and non-financial motivation to contribute their intellect and time. In turn, this will create the significant positive impact of increasing the value of products for token holders and the entire technology core of Hybrid Intelligence.

A greater number of CND holders will also make the Cindicator ecosystem more sustainable. Currently, there are about 17,000 holders of CND tokens. Had we distributed the August prize fund in CND, there would have been an additional 3,000 token holders, representing an 18% increase in just a month. Every month their number will continue to grow. Imagine if we tripled the number of CND holders: what would happen then? Each of them will be more interested in seeing the Cindicator ecosystem succeed. This will lead to unexpected, serendipitous opportunities for the ecosystem and all participants.

“We anticipate that after moving to CND rewards, analysts will have stronger intellectual, economic, professional and emotional links to the Cindicator ecosystem and the company. It’s about something bigger than just making forecasts and generating analytics. More people will begin to recognise their important roles at Cindicator: making a unique intellectual contribution to Hybrid Intelligence.” — Mike Brusov, CEO and co-founder

Value for analysts

Of course, a stronger, more antifragile ecosystem is also great for analysts who want to continue making forecasts and improving their skills. Yet switching to CND tokens will also increase the value of their rewards.

Rewards in ETH and USD (Amazon gift cards in 2015 and 2016) were logical intermediate solutions which allowed us to launch the platform in 2015 and attract the first analysts to the ecosystem. But development and evolution are inevitable. We issued CND to create an internal economy with transparent and fair relations among all participants, including analysts and traders. CND gained on the platform will be even more valuable than tokens acquired externally — this reflects the value contributed by analysts.

Besides that, all analysts will be able to access existing and future analytical products (e.g. Cindicator Bot) by accumulating the required number of CND as usual, like all other token holders. This will let them use valuable predictive products in their daily analytical work on the platform, improving the quality of their intellectual input and forming an additional feedback loop.

In a way, the CND you gain will function as a sort of immutable track record or reputation. The value of your intellectual contribution will be expressed in CND sent to your wallet. These rewards are stored on the Ethereum blockchain forever, even if you spend them. This will enable an independent validation of the analytical success (i.e. the size of the intellectual contribution) of every participant in the ecosystem. This option is the next step for implementing fully-fledged certifications of analytical competencies of platform participants. They could use this in different situations: applying for jobs, new positions and scholarships, taking part in competitions and tournaments or simply verifying their achievements in the Cindicator ecosystem.

Additionally, we are planning a feature that will use CND gained for unlocking access to different unique opportunities that will be available exclusively to analysts. This will further increase the value of their rewards, attracting additional competition and thus positively affecting the quality of Hybrid Intelligence products. We will tell you more about these plans in Q4 2018.

“A decentralised system develops by evolving from a centralised core. As the number of connections in the network increases, they begin to produce insights and unexpected ideas. A larger ecosystem also puts a greater emphasis on those who are deeply familiar with it and are connected via various feedback loops. The CND motivational pool illuminates this evolutionary step in enhancing the framework of unity within the whole Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem. It creates a new dimension of incentives for contributors and helps Hybrid Intelligence to operate as a cohesive organism.” — Yuri Lobyntsev, CTO and co-founder

The new era

With every step, the Cindicator ecosystem becomes more sustainable, more interesting to all of its participants, and better able to generate products of even higher quality. Together we are creating new and effective forms of network organisations that consist of hundreds of thousands of active decentralised individuals with common and unique incentives. This is a particularly important step.

While there are now over 115,000+ registered analysts, they are still the early pioneers. If you’re one of them, you’re at a great advantage. You will be among the first to begin to receive CND and validate the track record of your intellectual contributions. With time, as the value of the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem grows, it will be increasingly difficult to gain CND.

The best time to start is right now — make forecasts and contribute your intellect to receive the first CND rewards on 1 October.

As you know, residents of certain countries were not allowed to participate in our token sale. We go to great lengths to stay compliant, and in order to avoid any risks to our global community, we have decided to exclude residents of such countries from receiving rewards in CND tokens. They will, however, be entitled to claim their rewards in ETH.