Yay! Cindicator’s in-house PR & Marketing Department

Here we go.

We’d like to introduce to you our brand new PR & Marketing Department. With so many ambitious goals in mind we realised it was necessary to build a solid but flexible structure to help us implement our global marketing and business development strategy for 2018.

As ambassadors for a new type of decentralised organisation, we believe that an organisation can only be beneficial for everyone if its work is transparent. This is why Cindicator will always share its developments and discoveries, inspiring people to give insightful feedback, and we encourage you to use our ideas if you find them useful.

The concept of this structure is that PR & marketing form the foundations, ensuring quality and successful long-term business development. The PR & Marketing Department creates content that resonates with the public: our current and future users. It promotes organic growth and, very importantly, word-of-mouth communication. Through the carefully tailored messages we send using social media and vocalise during meetups and conferences, we also share our expertise and knowledge, building confidence in the ecosystem. It stimulates the market and in turn brings new customers, new partnerships, and new products. It provides the fuel our ecosystem runs on.

But a well thought out structure would be lifeless and useless without people to inhabit it, so we hired the best specialists we could find, with hard skills in digital marketing, fintech PR, SMM, performance marketing, growth hacking, and global business development. The department now consists of nine team members and three part-time members. The key roles are:

CMO — oversees and leads the PR & Marketing Department with her focus on business development to ensure that all departments are aligned with the company’s positioning and development strategy. She also leads Partnerships.

Head of PR & Communications — leads the unit to create a positive energy around Cindicator, making the brand visible to all targeted audiences and landing Cindicator three top-tier media citations, with a focus on the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and Russia.

Head of Digital Marketing — leads the unit to attract as many top-level analysts as possible and welcome them to a dedicated community that contributes its time and knowledge to the ecosystem’s development and buys Cindicator products.

Head of User Acquisition — leads the UA strategy and plays a crucial hands-on role in driving the growth of Cindicator’s user base.

Head of Support — sets KPIs and measures outcomes indicating the success or failure of Cindicator’s customer support operations. He plays a significant hands-on role in keeping our customers and users happy.

Head of Community — builds a positive image for the company, engaging the community, responding to their requests and concerns, and inspiring them to contribute to the ecosystem.

Head of Content — generates content ideas for a wide range of our social platforms, creates content plans, and knows how to actually put the most complicated ideas into words and explain them clearly.

We’ll tell you more about all of our team members in due course.

What’s next? Community growth, events in different countries, new partnerships, product launches, educational programme announcements, more interviews and articles about Hybrid Intelligence, new decentralised ecosystems, black swans, future trends in predictive analytics and the new economy as well as localised marketing in China, Japan, South Korea and India.

By the end of the first quarter we are set to reach 100,000 analysts on the platform. But it’s about more than just figures for us — it’s people we want to engage, so that they will continue to actively contribute their intelligence, making Hybrid Intelligence as effective as possible.

In the first quarter of 2018 we also plan to bring speakers to a number of major events, giving us a platform to share our knowledge and experience, and an opportunity to tell the global community about the progress of Cindicator and our unique technologies. Our founders have already confirmed their participation in TOKEN 2049 in Hong Kong and the major Nordic IoT Week tech summit in Helsinki.

With the opening of our headquarters in New York we are working continuously to promote our products and technologies to professional traders, investors, analytical companies and funds at the heart of the fintech world. We will soon launch an inspiring challenge for those who want to share their experience and knowledge, and who see the benefit in spreading the word about Cindicator all over the world.

We will make the new economy more intelligent and more trustworthy — thank you for joining us on this journey. We want to hear all your ideas about how Cindicator can thrive, and we are ready to move forward with them!

The Cindicator team