CINDX celebrates the “AA” Rating from Top ICO List Audit

CINDX always believes that if one does the work with utmost dedication, the recognition will follow. The results of CINDX’s sincerity to make meaningful changes in people’s ambitions via a unique asset management business model just got appreciated by crypto industry’s top-rated audit agency Top ICO List with an “AA” rating for its upcoming ICO event.

The recognition by reputed ICO audit firm is not a surprise given that CINDX has been moving forward in a strictly guided and compliant manner. The CINDX ICO was awarded with the most coveted “AA” rating that is only offered to the best promising ICOs, CINDX was also selected as one of the most credible and innovative crypto projects.

To celebrate such a fantastic recognition by crypto industry’s top-notch ICO audit firm, CINDX is participating in an awe-inspiring $700 worth of top-quality Token Giveaway. But, before you actually get onboard for the giveaway, here is some critical information why the recognition by Top ICO List makes enough sense.

About Top ICO List

Top ICO List is an ICO directory that’s considered to be one of the best resources for finding top-rated ICOs. The platform is undoubtedly one of the most trustable ICO audit agencies that are known for ‘no bias’ and utmost dedication to the ICO-listing process.Token sales on ICO List are considered to be promising enough to achieve great success, have already performed above expectations.

Top ICO List follows an intensive and carefully-reviewed process to determine the worth of the cryptosphere’s most desirable ICOs. The platform’s widely-experienced analysts take great pains to make sure that their audit is credible and trustworthy.

The ICO Review Process in a Nutshell

The crypto world is flooded with ICO offers and to find the best of the best, Top ICO List constantly reinvents its evaluation criteria and raises the standards in regard to the quality levels of ICOs. The analysis team looks into the following four major factors while evaluating and rating the ICOs:

  • The Team behind the ICO Offer
  • The Product Offering and the Vision Behind a Crypto Project
  • Token Economics
  • Community Engagement and Marketing Credentials

CINDX has ensured that all the suggestions provided after Top ICO List audit were promptly implemented to receive highest ratings. CINDX is proud that its project attributes, goals, and business strategy have been found to be promising, and are satisfactory enough to have earned an “AA” rated ICO audit-verdict.

If you want to get as much as $700 worth of top quality tokens from Top ICO Lists’ best projects you must participate in the Token Giveaway right now.

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CINDX is an investment platform that allows individuals to combine several crypto exchange accounts into one trading terminal, and gives them the option to connect to the best managers without having to transfer their funds. Moreover, implementation of blockchain-based transactions will allow the trading history to be saved, and a rating system will be used to differentiate the successful managers from the less successful ones.

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