As the financial industry gets sophisticated ratings conveying the infrastructure, tend to transform in more complicated and well-rounded systems.

The very vital tendencies are consideration of multiple factors, particular focus on risks assessment, appraisal of intrinsic elements of financial products.

Current trends

The variety of new trends engulfed existing rating systems playground. A few can be identified even by non-financial professionals.


As derivatives and other financial products become more and more complex, so do rating systems. The updates usually consider more intrinsic value within the products and their behaviour. The raising systems rank not the financial products yet compounds such as assets and strategies. As a result, the rating of the product becomes the summary of ratings of its parts.

Risk Aversiveness

At the same time, compared to the previous generation of ratings focused on return and profit, the new ones resonate with the risk aversiveness of nowadays investors and seriously give weight to risk factors while rating financial products.

The rise of prognostic parameters

Forecasting was always the core for investors, and now we can see the estimates of future outcomes play a serious role in the current rating of products.


CINDX is an investment platform that allows individuals to combine several crypto exchange accounts into one trading terminal, and gives them the option to connect to the best managers without having to transfer their funds. Moreover, implementation of blockchain-based transactions will allow the trading history to be saved, and a rating system will be used to differentiate the successful managers from the less successful ones.

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