Consciously Involved.
Nov 3, 2018 · 2 min read

So you made a mistake last weekend with a girl and you actually wanted another girl, but you chose this one because she is easy or she turns you on, but in truth the other one actually turns you on, you just didn’t have the balls to try your luck with her and now you feel like shit because you somehow violated yourself with the other girl and you even wonder if the girl you actually like is doing the same thing…

I live by my own decisions. I’m an Independent Woman!…

Mondrian Hotel, Doha

That’s what we tell ourselves probably once a month when we fall. Sometimes we fall because we wanted to.

We feel alone and something inside of us tells us to do something with someone that is beyond who we are, and the result of that makes us feel like we are not one with ourselves and this act in itself is a in some way hiding the way we truly feel about whatever…

La Mar, Doha

You see… When we really listen to our own hearts we find out what we really need in this life.

,but if this voice is unheard, hiding in the shadow of longing, we will often take many directions that lead us into the same place where we realize that we are all human, we are all flawed… and that we are idiots to ourselves.

View on Westbay, Doha

Think about it. How many guys are there in the world, and how many girls have you slept with? Where are they now? Where is your ex-girlfriend now? Is she thinking of you? Is he still phoning you and asking about your day?…

Or are they all just memories… in a world Consciously Involved.

For everything else… there’s Mastercard… #Soundcloud #Sonymusicindia #creativedirector #HaydenJames #Music #Producer #Doha #Qatar

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Words: Rowen Smith
Photo: Rowen Smith


Cinéma Créatif: Writing | Photography | Design | Music | Film | Life | Love |Africa…

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Hello Hi. I'm Rowen Smith, Company Director of Cignalhill (Pty) Ltd I also shoot stills, video and produce digital media, music and design.


Cinéma Créatif: Writing | Photography | Design | Music | Film | Life | Love |Africa…

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