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Sep 3, 2017 · 5 min read

Written by: Rowen Smith
Photography & Media: Cignalhill Pty Ltd,

Me in Durban in 2016

Hello. Goeiedag. Bonjour. (السلام عليكم).

My name is Rowen, I am a photographer from Ballito, writing to you on Medium today :) #ILOVEDIGITAL #ILOVEPHOTO

Like I said, my name is Rowen. Hello-Hi!. I’m 27 and I’m really good at that one thing people do when they takes their clothes off. But that’s not what I’m writing about today.

You see. I used to live in Cape Town for a while, with friends and family and everything was all sorted…but then I lost track and I kind of lost everything.

And here’s how I became a Millionaire after clicking on this one link I found on a sexy-below-the-belt website…I’m kidding I’m kidding. I’m not a Millionaire yet. That was a joke.

Hey Cape Town Pickup the phone….Whazaaaaap!

Let’s begin with the start.

I’ve always loved the idea of marketing my projects when I went to film school and just the thought that getting it into an international film festival was enough inspiration to actually make it as sick as it could be no matter what the costs.

A few blogs I wrote while studying… All short films we made in film school

From there I had this fascination for digital exposure. From 2015 to 2017 moved around a lot . I left Cape Town in 2014, then hit Pretoria, then Johannesburg, then Welkom, then Cape Town and then Ballito and Durban…Moving in, and moving Out…new friends, new lovers, new everything.

Welkom in Welkom — Test Shoots

Everywhere I went I just kept on taking photos knowing that eventually it would become better, and eventually it would mean something in the digital realm someday….and from every batch of imagery, I started creating digital publications and treatments. Have a look (

I started liking the fact that one could share almost anything on the digital realm and that’s it’s so wide spread it’s not even funny.

I’m proud to say that Flickr is by far the best option for the photographer.

You see the great thing about being a photographer is that these images will never leave me, and the great thing about being a digital marketer is that these stories will never leave the digital cloud…I’m just happy today that the words written and the photos taken come from passionate Africa. Here are some stills I did of Durban!

I did quite a few tests, even tested Tumblr, and it’s weird how some people actually only have a Tumblr, where I’ve got like a thousand digital profiles, and that these people actually make Tumblr work for them…

I soon Realized that photography stretches literally from the East to the West. There and Back again

This really puts a lot of attention on Traditional News Media Publishing & Print, versus Digital Distribution…

Corporate Imagery for INMA.ORG

But does all this really matter though?

“I’d like to wake up in the morning & know that I can actually go out there and take a good shot at or of the world” “Unknown”

Some of my works from 2013–2017

So why Photos

My ex girlfriend thought I was anti-social, taking photos of beer bottles while she got herself sloshed…. “Rowen why are you always taking photos of things that don’t get you money”…. “Baby can’t you see I’m Brand Matching here” Brand Matching… WTF is that?… “Baby it’s when you capture the essence of SAB beers and give it cool instagram filters.

Our date, our relationship and my beer ended pretty quickly after that…

That’s my in a nutshell, for now… Before I love and leave you today, go have a look at the images captured in Swaziland last year for #ThirstprojectSwaziland

The Full Album is on my Lomography Page below…

Kind Regards

Rowen Smith
Ballitoville, South Africa
+27(0) 79 6470077
Photographer at
Producer at African Media World

LASTLY: I also tweet a lot, for all my fans in Los Angeles :)


Cinéma Créatif: Writing | Photography | Design | Music | Film | Life | Love |Africa…

Written by

Hello Hi. I'm Rowen Smith, Company Director of Cignalhill (Pty) Ltd I also shoot stills, video and produce digital media, music and design.


Cinéma Créatif: Writing | Photography | Design | Music | Film | Life | Love |Africa…

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