Nov 10, 2018 · 3 min read
Walima Terrance, Doha @Themondriandoha

So I’m writing a new film in a few short weeks and I really had to ask myself if I wanted this, because as a writer it’s my first obligation to be true to myself in such a way, that I can manage writing a film that possibly might change the world.

For me, writing comes inexplicably and without method… Like the line in “Stranger than Fiction”. And since half of the world will probably not read this article other than myself, my mother and possibly the next girl I end up in bed with, I might as well write whatever I want…

But when I take on this film, I am not writing a sentence to myself… I am writing one that is universal… or let’s say ..

And being a South African director with Dutch decent… I know very little of the nature of the people of Doha and the Gulf. So a deeper understanding must be a priority, or at least to some extent.

View of Westbay from The Mondrian in Doha.

A man walks into a bar with a big white coat and a pair of leather sandals and he sits down and orders a cup of the finest Tunisian Coffee. He lights a cigarette and asks the barman.

I believe that every true writer has a story to tell, and if that writer does not find the words, then life means little on most days. My day was like this today. I woke up with a pretty mediocre morning waiting for me.

I knew that I wanted to write to you tonight oh reader… but I had no idea that the words I am typing would be the message…

The Mondrian Doha, #Mondriandoha

…which is this;

“Tame Impala — Eventually”

Eventually, by Tame Impala.

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Cinéma Créatif: Writing | Photography | Design | Music | Film | Life | Love |Africa…

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Cinéma Créatif: Writing | Photography | Design | Music | Film | Life | Love |Africa…

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