…Sad Songs say so much…

Aug 14, 2017 · 2 min read

I haven’t spoken to you in ages. I have… but not the way we used to you know.

The other day we kissed, but then it faded

and I feel…I feel like I feel something for you, all the time.

Remember that weekend away…?
Remember when we almost had sex that night?
Do you? I do.
I remember that day when I looked deep into your beautiful eyes and I knew.
Did you?
Did you also know that we were meant to be together?
I hope so.

Because I miss you. I miss you today. I miss your hair.

Andre Eksteen and his mistress.

The best days were the times of FIFA16 with her alone in my apartment. Only us. Alone. Just spending time together like the world could go by and a thousand years could pass. I remember telling her that I love her deeply and I remember that she said the same. But that’s all over now.

It’s Over…like the Suprano’s.

I know it’s cheesy but it’s true

Then one day we had burgers at Clarks and I saw how another couple are. I saw how In love and happy they were. I saw how he treated her and I saw how she treated him…

And then I think both of us knew that we are not like that couple at all.

Best Burgers only found at Clarks on Bree.

It ended with burgers and an airplane ticket home.

..and tears, that came months after…

Tears and Rebounds, Tears and Rebounds. Tears and Rebounds.


Cinéma Créatif: Writing | Photography | Design | Music | Film | Life | Love |Africa…


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Hello Hi. I'm Rowen Smith, Company Director of Cignalhill (Pty) Ltd www.cignalhill.com. I also shoot stills, video and produce digital media, music and design.


Cinéma Créatif: Writing | Photography | Design | Music | Film | Life | Love |Africa…

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