Swim & Garden Music

Aug 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Artists: The War on Drugs, The Boxer Rebellion, The Black Keys, Cigarettes After Sex & The Cave Singers.

Photography & Words: Rowen Smith

Today’s post is all about THE FALL OF COPY… in Irony. Who needs some kind of persuasive wording to try and hook someone when all you needs is the sounds of Swim and Garden Music.

Listen & Enjoy, I’m sharing the works of these artists because I think by doing this kind of stuff it will eventually lead me to maybe attend one of their concerts perhaps…

Our First artist is The Boxer Rebellion with “Step out of the Car”… Another song I like from this band is “Diamonds”… Just google it. These guys are dope.

The Bigger Cosmos out there put me back into perspective.

…Gold on the ceiling….

The Second song for the night is: The Black Keys, with “Little Black Submarines”

This song reminds me of my younger days in Welkom, where I grew up.

… Okay so our third song makes anyone fall in-love again and imagine a movie where people are dancing and doing delightful things… Somewhere around 55 minutes into a movie…

For me Swim and Garden Music is all about working in the garden, doing construction work, woodwork and really doing serious art direction work at home. It’s a way of saying and showing and feeling good while doing good.

Like many others, I also share my crazy mind on Instagram.

Our Next Artist… is “The Cave Singers”

and I can listen to these guys all day… That’s why I shared this, so you can also hear me out :)

The Cave Singers “Christmas Night”…

Merry Christmas 2018. It’s been a great year 8/3/2018

For other cool photo-adventures have a look at our work on Behance. That’s where the monies at right now and that’s where we be.

The War on drugs is certainly one of the best bands in the world. I love their other songs “Red Eyes” and “Under the Pressure”.. I think the reason why I really love this band is that I see myself starting a church band in my 50’s and this would be the music I cover with my band mates and grand kids.

Remember to relax next year.

For those interested, we are really excited about our next project “House of Hope’s Instagram Promo” to be released in September.

It’s been a real.

To view all my videos, go to Rowen Smith on Vimeo, or www.cignalhill.com

Contact Information:

Mr. Rowen Smith
Cignalhill (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

or Add me on LinkedIn :)


Cinéma Créatif: Writing | Photography | Design | Music | Film | Life | Love |Africa…


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Hello Hi. I'm Rowen Smith, Company Director of Cignalhill (Pty) Ltd www.cignalhill.com. I also shoot stills, video and produce digital media, music and design.


Cinéma Créatif: Writing | Photography | Design | Music | Film | Life | Love |Africa…

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