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7 Reasons Why ‘Rick and Morty’ Is Standing Alone At The Peak Of Its Genre

Which other animated comedy series would have the audacity to stand shoulder to shoulder in ratings with the likes of ‘Breaking Bad’?

Credit: Adult Swim

1. It doesn’t dip

From Season 1 Episode 1 (Pilot)

Most people would say the pilot wasn’t the best, in fact, 2/3 of the opening episodes have lower reputations than the rest. From that point on, however, there are no episodes that I have personally steered clear from during my unhealthy repetitions of the show.

2. Jerry

From Season 3 Episode 5

Or maybe I should say Chris Parnell, the voice actor allegedly nails his first take every time, despite an obligated 30 or so takes due to it being animated. Not to take away from the lines, but Jerry is my favorite side character from any comedy series ever. His face-off with the stray dog in ‘Rickmancing the Stone’ post-credits is a character embodying scene and the consistency of his lack of backbone personality is maybe the funniest theme in the show.

3. ‘The Vat Of Acid Episode’

From Season 4 Episode 8

I don’t know if I have favorite episodes in this series, but the fact that Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon wrote a masterpiece sourced from the most trivial of openings just accentuates how creative they’ve been for the 4 seasons this show has aired. The sequence with Morty’s remote control which Jerry ruins so abruptly induced my biggest belly laugh of 2020, iconic.

4. Complexity

From Season 2 Episode 3

Rick and Morty doesn’t go heavy with exposition, maybe one of the reasons it got labeled in a corner of the internet as ‘a high IQ comedy’ is that there are a lot of scenes where you are expected to read between the lines or work out what is going on. Such as the ending to ‘Autoerotic assimilation’, where some of the details are explained by super-fans in comment sections.

5. Fan theories

Going off on the super-fans mention, trivia research provided me with 4 fantastic theories for Rick Sanchez, which you may not want to hear, in which case skip this one.

Theory one: Rick is aware that he is a fictional character

Theory two: Rick is not an alcoholic, but constantly consuming an extract that keeps him super-intelligent

Theory three: Rick is Morty, aged, and traveled back to when he was a kid.

Theory four: Rick’s original Morty died, and he is having adventures with a Morty from an alternate dimension.

Mindboggling stuff, and it’s thanks to the lack of exposition that there is so much space for these theories.

6. Zick Zack the Floop Floopian

From Season 3 Episode 8

Poor Zick Zack saw a gruesome end following a calamitous yet understandable error from Morty that led to him running in front of a car and being dragged down to Floop Floopian’s version of Hell. The amazing thing about this is the voice actor won a prize to voice this character, where the goal was to raise money for Planned Parenthood. What makes it so funny is the fact that his lines were delivered hilariously, and the fact that it was just some random guy was what added so much to it.

7. The free-flowing randomness

From Season 1 Episode 8

I’m referring primarily to the Interdimensional Cable episodes, and also ‘Morty’s Mindblowers’ which was the stand-in episode for the seasonal tradition. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for reels of weirdness, and 100 miles an hour gags like in Family Guy. These episodes are like the deleted scenes for shows Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon almost made instead of Rick and Morty, either that or they paid a child to brainstorm ideas and then brought them to life. Brief cameos of ‘Quick Mysteries’ and the montage of Rick’s mistakes in Morty’s Mindblowers were played for a matter of seconds, but were so ridiculous and memorable, and probably many Rick and Morty fans’ favorite episodes.




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