Another Round(2020)- Review

The Couch Review
Apr 12 · 3 min read

Another Round is a 2020 Danish film circling around four teachers and close friends. All of them lack motivation and are continuing to live their dull lives. On the occasion of Nikolaj’s (Magnus Millang) 40th birthday dinner, the four start to discuss psychiatrist Finn Skårderud’s theories specifically his theory of maintaining a blood alcohol content of 0.05 which he reckons can make a person more creative and relaxed. Initially dismissing the theory and the idea of experimenting with it; Martin (Mads Mikkelsen) who finds himself extremely sad and depressed due to difficulties in his personal life, starts drinking at work. The other three inspired by Martin are invigorated to join in and make it an experiment of Skårderud’s theory. The movie is continuous with the four experimentings with binge drinking albeit with rules and their self-defined restrictions.

The story of the movie can be put under the category of unique and peculiar, rightly so. The screenplay is written well complementing the unusual story. Director Thomas Vinterberg does a great job capturing the essence of the four drunkards or as they claim controlled drinkers. Mads Mikkelsen, whom most people would know from Casino Royale (2006) as the Bond Villain, does a stellar job portraying the depressed and unmotivated teacher who finds his enthusiasm after starting the experiment. The other three lead characters too do a satisfactory job complementing Mikkelsen. While the movie is a little slow crawling at its own pace it is far from predictable and maintains that feeling across.

While the movie is in tandem with what one might expect from such a movie but there are a few elements that can be deemed unsavory. Firstly, the story ultimately gives out a feeling of being anti-climactic making it a tad bit confusing. Continuing it can’t be said with certainty what exactly is the moral or the ultimate message of the story, with the movie displaying favor to both sides of the argument. Lastly, I felt like there was an abrupt end to the story, which could have been well justified and well lead into.

All in all, the 93rd Academy Awards nominee for Best International Feature Film, is surely not for everyone and is most certainly the type of movie that is an acquired taste. But, even with its misgivings, it can be good if you like such movies, making you think and contemplate a little. Binge drinking, or as is the Danish name for the movie Druk, may not be the healthiest thing in the world but the movie surely tries its best to break that stigma. Bar the ending the movie has very few if any leaks so it gets very close to the must-watch category, but if you like foreign language movies don’t hesitate to pick this one up.

Acting- 8.5

Casting- 9

Cinematography- 8.5

Dialogue- 8

Directing- 9

Editing & Effects- 6

Sound & Music- 7

Story- 9

Storytelling- 7.5

Rating- 7.5


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